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Tuesday 13 January 2015

Madeleine McCann PRESS Revisited! No news isn't always good news!

Happy 2015. Thanks for the messages, good AND abusive :-)

My first blog of the year is an OLD post I made to some long-forgotten Forum, prior to the UK Press 'love-in' with the McCanns after the Portuguese first 'shelved' the case.

I had LONG forgotten about it, until someone emailed it to me and I was struck by the unnerving fact that little has changed!


Dear Mr. Editor……… I’m quite sure that you are very busy, organising your hacks and other staff, clearing away space on the front pages of your newspapers to make way for tomorrows joyous headlines, not to mention the inevitable ‘’pull out and keep’’ 10 page insert guide, explaining the tragic chain of events that have had to be endured by Saint Gerry & Kate of Rothley:-

“Bungling/Boozy/Inept/ Sardine Munching Porto Plods finally admit defeat!!”.......... “The agony goes on for our Kate &; Gerry” and “Vindicated at last!!”,

Just some, I am CERTAIN, of the headlines that we will all be reading about in the next couple of days. Readers will then be subjected to innumerable column inches over the coming weeks, with poignant articles from Richard Madeley, Amanda Pearson, Carol Malone et al, explaining how they had all ‘been there’ for our illustrious golden couple, supporting them in their hour of need, joining forces to combat and admonish those ‘vile evil whisperings’ that were emanating along the corridors of certain internet forums and blogs.

No doubt, celebs’ agents are already in negotiation with tabloid editors, all lining up to prepare their clients to express their solidarity by way of ‘exclusive interviews’; “as a parent myself, I can’t imagine what hell they have had to go through………by the way, my new book, which is out this Monday……………………….”

Who knows?. Almost certainly an OBE or two will be in the pipeline, especially if the McCanns are allowed to take credit for the European ‘AMBER ALERT’.

Clarence Mitchell will almost certainly be given greater impetus, either directly or otherwise, to organise the Government’s Media Monitoring Unit, to clamp down and to CLOSE down those websites and bloggers that influence sufficient numbers of people to be potentially detrimental to New Labours diktats, (as he did the MIRROR Forum).

Tony ‘Glenda’ Parsons, will undoubtedly have accrued sufficient soundbites to keep his Mirror column going for the next 2 years.

But, Mr. Editor, just before you fall asleep at night in your bed, having finished the proof reading to your simpering, sycophantic, subservient homage to the McCann's PRESS releases, please give a little thought to the following:-

Irrespective of what the Portuguese announce on Monday, the 20th July, there are a number of serious issues and questions which, FAR from being answered, have actually never been ASKED.

It may very well please you and whoever is dictating your editorial policy to perpetually vilify and BLAME the Portuguese authorities, their police or even their subjects for every aspect of the Madeleine McCann tragedy, but that would not explain, in any way, the following:-- The suspicions surrounding the McCanns and their possible involvement in the disappearance of their daughter arose, NOT because the Policia Judiciaria were inept and clueless, but because the McCanns made inaccurate statements, from the outset. Inaccurate statements about their movements, the movements of their friends, inaccurate statements about the state and condition of how they found the apartment and the shutters, inaccurate statements about what they discovered and discussed.

We know that they made inaccurate statements because what they said directly contravened and countered what the other stated, as well as what some of their friends stated. And they can’t ALL have been correct.

Inaccurate statements, lies or omissions?

Likewise, it wasn’t the ‘bungling Porto plod’ who strongly suspected or suggested that Madeleine may have died in the apartment. It was a couple of British dogs. Specialist canines, who have a LONG and proven history and success rate in determining and locating the precise areas of residual tissue and and materials relating to cadavers. Specialist dogs who are currently proving to be both CRUCIAL and instrumental in unraveling the ongoing horrors being unearthed at Haut de la Garenne in Jersey.

Not, I am sure, that you will give much credence or space to their findings in Portugal, but HOW would you propose to explain away the dogs behaviour in Praia da Luz, in the apartment, on Kate McCanns clothes and belongings? Having a bad day? Inconclusive? The fact that it is not wholly admissible in a Court of Law?

And what about that car boot sample?

The Birmingham FSS, the acknowledged, finest Forensic science laboratory in the world?  Martin Brunt is STILL on the Sky News website video, reporting a “100% DNA Match to Madeleine McCann”. Was he misinformed? Contaminated sample? Mistaken Process? Total fabrication? We may never know, especially given that the British authorities are fighting to ensure that particular aspect of this case remains secret. (Have you ever asked yourself why?, Mr. Editor, or are you simply not permitted to question Mr. Mitchells rhetoric?)

Are you also, Mr.Editor, going to lambast those bungling, inept, incapable LEICESTERSHIRE police, who were also widely reported as concurring, and in some cases even SUGGESTING, that Madeleine died in the apartment on that first night in May?

“ Licentious, lackluster, Leicester Police loonies!” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it Mr.Editor?

 Friends in high places? Curious RICH associates and backers, underhand Government assistance? Prime Ministerial blessings, chats and advice? Papal divine intervention, European and world leaders hob-nobs?. It’s all there Mr. Editor. Enough material to sell a billion Sunday journals. So why no interest?

You see, Mr. Editor; I don’t really know what happened in Praia da Luz in May of last year. I don’t know why, how or when. I wasn’t there. Neither were you. We can only listen to those that are either close to, or aligned to, the proceeding in question. It boils down to who and what you want to believe.

I am reminded of Herman Goering. He once stated, “it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy”

How right he was. I realised just how right he was when George Bush convinced the majority of his people that Saddam Hussein had a hand in 9/11, just before he embarked on the massacre of an estimated 600,000 Iraqi men, women and children, just so that Halliburtons could procure the rich oil fields; (FAT lot of good THAT did with the current oil price, but I digress.)

What I particularly, personally,  hate about THAT atrocity, is that the British went ahead and held his hand while he did it. Only at least Blair gave the British people SOME credit. He knew we wouldn’t buy the 9/11 angle, so he made up the WMD’s story, inventing documents, dossiers and ‘intelligence’ as he went along. “Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy”

Charles de Mendez? We would know for sure, exactly what happened to him, poor chap, were we to examine the countless surveillance video of the event. Except, for some reason, we can’t. Because the tape is apparently damaged or lost, or the cameras malfunctioned or were facing the wrong way or were broken or vandalised. Or all of the above.

And of course, when Neil Mackay sensationally reported in 2003 that “senior members” of the Labour Government were being investigated for “paedophilia and the "enjoyment" of child-sex pornography”, as part of the infamous ’Operation Ore’, Tony Blair very quickly and effectively served a D.A. NOTICE on the press and media, banning details of these matters being reported. A ban that still stands today.

A sublime example of how a Government and its press can lie, mislead and fool its people. “Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy”

So, you see, Mr. Editor. You will have to forgive me if I choose not to believe a single word that your paper publishes on the Madeleine McCann case. You will have to excuse me if I do not join in the rejoicing and celebrations when the illustrious couple are exonerated , nor contribute to their inevitable NEW fund to help them “find their daughter”.

Because, although it may be ultimately true that there is insufficient evidence to prove the culpability of the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter, there is most definitely AMPLE and OVERWHELMING evidence that the authorities of this country do not wish for the truth to ever come out.

BUT; if there IS a god, and the leaders who presided over this debacle and cover up ever have to stand and atone before him, then rest assured that their minions:- the paltry, gutless, servile cowards who spread their lies and diktats in their respective newspapers, will have to atone also.

That would be YOU, Mr. Editor.

Perhaps you’d care to dwell on that point before you fall asleep tonight.

That, and the image of a precious, angelic and innocent little girl for whom, with your able assistance, Justice was denied.

Godbless, Madeleine. Wherever you may be.

Sunday 5 October 2014

RIP Brenda Leyland TROLLED & Hounded to Death by the PRO McCann Machine

I am not going to use the tragic death of a woman and Mother to propagate further my opinions and views on the Madeleine McCann case.

Those views are well established and in the public domain for anyone who so cares to read them. 

Presumably, given that Carole Malone hasn’t yet done a piece about me in her servile, insidious column or Martin Brunt, (a man whom I actually like, respect and admire), hasn’t yet knocked on my door to confront me about those views suggests to me that I haven’t committed the same offence that Brenda Leyland apparently did. 

She is the lady who was “outed” by Sky News and other media outlets and newspapers as one of the McCanns “Vile Trolls”.

 A lady whom, despite being reported as seemingly having made “death threats” on Twitter, has in fact, apparently never made any such threat to anyone.

The Internet is awash with people who don’t believe the McCann’s version of events surrounding what happened to their daughter, Madeleine. They’re not TROLLS. They’re just people with an opinion who have noticed the glaring contradictions between what is reported in the UK Press and what both the Portuguese and British POLICE opined and formulated.

Many of these people express their opinions with a distinct lack of articulation; devoid of much literary prowess.  Some, are unquestionably abusive, hurtful, insensitive and indeed, offensive.

That doesn’t make them illegal.

For whatever reason, Brenda Leyland was singled out to exemplify that faction of Social networking which continues to discuss and deliberate the McCann case differently from how it is so portrayed in the Press. Differently from how the McCann’s and their supporters want the case reported.

I did not know Brenda. I have never knowingly communicated with her in any manner. When Sky NEWS doorstepped her and she became news headlines elsewhere I did do some superficial research, including reviewing her tweets.

For the RECORD:- this lady NEVER tweeted anything that could be construed by ANYONE as a threat of violence to either the McCann's, their twins, or anyone ELSE for that matter.

Furthermore, (unlike previous high-profile prosecutions of people who have abused and threatened others on Twitter), given that the McCann's do not HAVE a Twitter presence, how can this lady possibly have trolled or abused them?

Amongst the expansive number of her tweets I have read, the worst, perhaps, was where she hoped the McCann's “suffered for the rest of their miserable lives”.  

 It was a foolish, foolhardy and deeply insensitive tweet to make, even if she did genuinely mean it....BUT........

She didn’t deserve to be exposed and identified, her name, address and personal details made publicly available.

She didn’t deserve to be labelled “evil”.

She didn’t deserve to be subjected to such threats and abuse by the myriad of McCann supporters whose cruel taunts and vilification by far exceeded anything she was reported to have allegedly done.

She didn’t deserve to be stigmatised and crucified by a baying, servile PRO McCann media and its supporters, hell bent on indoctrinating a British public as to their ideaology where the McCann case is concerned.

Most of all, she didn’t deserve to die....... alone and helpless...... in some soulless and anonymous little hotel room where she had fled; castigated by the accusatory Pro McCann machine.

Such heart and gut-wrenching, bitter, bitter irony that someone should so lose their LIFE after being hounded and trolled by a Media and PRESS hell bent on portraying her as someone who had hounded and trolled others.

My fervent HOPE and wish is that this tragedy will inspire others to do their OWN research, reviews and investigations into the available facts and evidence surrounding the McCann case, where they can then formulate their OWN opinions, rather than have them shaped and made for them by the mainstream Media.

I know Martin Brunt and I know he is a good man. We have never met but we follow each other on Twitter and I have worked on several investigative projects that he has orchestrated. I also know he will be devastated and hurt by this development.

I am not excusing his actions but it would be wrong to solely blame him for Brenda’s demise. Not least because Martin, as a STAFF reporter, is duty bound to follow the Editorial policy and procedure of his company, as are all TV news correspondents.

I do not reserve such charity, alas, for Daily Mirror columnist, Carole Malone. 

She described Brenda as a “cowardly bully”, “piece of work” and suggested “her own life is so lonely, so miserable, so poisoned that she wants others to suffer the same”, suggesting “she’s just a twisted, fecked up bitch who gets her kicks from hurting people”.

Well, maybe you’re partly right Carole. I’m going to suggest, at the end, she was very lonely and miserable indeed.

"I love you mum and I will miss you forever". That's the last Facebook post from Brenda's son, Ben.
I’m not, however, going to tell you what I think of you, Carole. That would merely be replicating the grievous and despicable offence I’m accusing you of.

Instead, I’ll leave it to one of Brenda’s alleged Tweets, suggesting and hoping that you “suffer for the rest of your miserable life".

RIP Brenda Leyland, wherever you may be.

Tuesday 3 June 2014

Madeleine McCann Digging for the TRUTH?


You make public promises that you will not rest until you find Madeleine. 

You state, categorically, that no stone shall be left unturned. 

You assert that you will never give up looking. Never give up hoping. Never give up believing.


given that 30 plus police officers clear a large area of waste land, removing shrubs and foliage before using specialised, high-tech equipment, marking out specific, precise areas…………………carefully sifting through soil in a finger-tip forensic search in a prelude to DIGGING………………….where you believe, (according to your own LAWYER), that  "police will come up with some significant news"

HOW can ANY parent, given such circumstances..................

elect to STAY AT HOME in the UK and prefer to be “kept informed of any developments……??”.

PS: Given that you are SUING former Polícia Judiciária coordinator Gonçalo Amaral for publishing a book which “harmed the search for Madeleine because it reinforced an uncorroborated assumption that Madeleine is dead”; will you now also be suing Scotland Yard for reinforcing the same assumption?

If not, WHY not? 

PPS: "Ask the dogs, Sandra......." (Gerry McCann, 2009).

Gerry. I think someone just has.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Madeleine McCann. Dear PORTUGAL. The World is watching...

Dear Portugal.

The world is watching. 

Awaiting, with bated breath. 

For whatever reasons, you have allowed the masquerade to go on for far too long.
You permitted an obvious and tangible interference, from the British Security services and its Government right from the start of this case, from the very night Madeleine McCann was reported as missing.

You allowed its mandarins to dictate the course of the investigation.

You allowed the main suspects in a criminal case in your land to return to their home, free to negotiate, construct, compile and invent a fable; all under the guidance and supervision of wealthy, powerful and skilled PR companies, Lawyers and Government advisors.

You allowed British Home Office Ministers to procrastinate and disrupt your Rogatory process and allowed its Prime Minister to dictate if, how and when you could visit British lands to pursue your inquiries.

You sat by and watched while the world laughed, ridiculed and joined in the disparaging of your seemingly inept, inebriated and unprofessional Police Service, as described by the British Media and its entourage of Breakfast TV ‘personalities’ and day time chat show hosts.

You suffered the sneers, the vitriolic asides, the accusations, the defaming and derogating. 

You endured the abuse; “Boozy Porto Plod”…….”Bungling Porto Cops”…….” stupid, sardine-munching mouths”……….”haven for paedos”………..”Fascist Dictatorship, Police State”……. “peasants”.

Everything Portuguese was vilified. Its Government. Its Police.
And its people.

People who should have been working or sleeping, instead spending hours on their hands and knees; sifting through soil and dirt for clues as to the whereabouts of a missing, three year old girl.

The world is watching.

And waiting.

For Justice. 
For Portugal. 
For Goncalo Amaral.

For an Anglo-Portuguese relationship that dates back to the Middle Ages and is the oldest such alliance in the world.

For a 3 year old child who never questioned anything in her short life.

But who deserves to tell the world the answer it needs............

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.

Wednesday 2 April 2014

Madeleine McCann-What PRICE the TRUTH? £6m and RISING.

Even the most casual ‘follower’ of this case, the most intriguing and baffling missing child case of all time, will know by now that the chief ‘suspect’ in the abduction of the child has been eliminated.

His ‘elimination’ however, is far more bizarre and downright DUBIOUS then his first emergence, seven YEARS ago.

According to McCann friend and fellow holiday-maker, Jane Tanner, her sworn testimony asserts that she saw a man carrying a child away from the McCann’s holiday apartment shortly before Kate McCann reported she had discovered Madeleine missing.

It was THIS testimony alone that formed the basis of the abduction theory, at least in the camp of ‘Team McCann’.

Innumerable column inches in newspaper stories, press reports, as well as countless TV interviews, magazine articles, News broadcasts, breakfast TV appearances, chat shows and even BOOKS, have all been given over in the quest to search for and to identify this man whom the McCann’s, their friends, allies,(and seemingly endless PR entourage), are quoted as stating they believe was responsible for the abduction of Madeleine.

Of course, those who have followed this case more closely, studying the available Portuguese and British police documents relating to the matter will know that not everyone held quite as much faith in this ‘abductor’.

The Portuguese Polícia Judiciária for example,NEVER placed any significance on Jane Tanner’s sighting for a number of reasons.

- It was FAR too dark at the time of the alleged sighting for her to make any kind of description, especially given the distances reportedly involved.

- Tanner, herself, (or on other occasions, ‘Team McCann’), has modified or even completely CHANGED the description of the person she states she saw:-height, build, dress,  colour, race and even on one occasion, SEX of this individual have all been subject to alteration.

-Perhaps more significantly, at the precise TIME of this alleged sighting two other witnesses, (one of which was Gerry McCann), were in pretty much the exact same area and saw neither this ‘abductor’ NOR Jane Tanner herself.

So the man who came to be known, variously, as ‘Egg Man’, ‘Bundleman’, ‘Swarthy-Man’,’'Gypsy-Man’ and a number of other monikers, was truly a man of immense  mystery indeed.

However, any mystery surrounding this, surely MOST WANTED,  suspect pales into abject insignificance when one considers the downright abstruseness surrounding his REAPPEARANCE!

For Scotland Yard’s finest announced, in October of last year, that this MAN had, in fact, now come FORWARD to eliminate himself from the inquiries by stating that it was HE whom Jane Tanner had observed, carrying his OWN daughter!. 

Not only did this man produce the self-same CLOTHES that he had worn on the night in question, all those years ago, but astonishingly, (as was reported in the PRESS), he even managed to produce his daughters’ “frilly pyjamas” that SHE had been wearing that night also, that had allegedly led Jane Tanner to think the girl was Madeleine!.

Of course, a CYNIC might want to know why this man had remained completely incognito for over six years, despite endless, unavoidable media coverage and countless appeals for information seeking to identify him. 

A cynic would most definitely want to know how or why ANY parent would be able to produce a pair of pyjamas, (or indeed ANY item of clothing), belonging to a child who would clearly have outgrown them by six years.

Alas, those questions are never going to be answered. 

Not least because the man in question has NOT been identified.

DCI Andy Redwood, the Met officer leading the review of the case of the missing girl, described this astonishing turn of events as a "revelation moment".

HOWEVER, to my mind, that’s nowhere NEAR as revelational as the NEW suspect that we are now to centre our attentions on, according to Scotland Yard, and as featured in the BBC  TV ‘Crimewatch’ reconstruction.

THIS “new suspect”, a man seen carrying a child in pyjamas “towards the ocean” is of course, the very self-same man who had been previously witnessed and  described by a family from IRELAND.

The very self-same man whose e-fits had actually been drawn up in 2007.

The very-self same man who had been identified to the McCann’s as "a very credible suspect" in 2008 by the McCann’s own investigators, headed by former MI5 operatives.

The very self-same man whose existence the McCann’s had sought to prevent being made public by taking LEGAL action ordering the investigators not to disclose it......

Team McCann is reported as saying that this information was suppressed as it 
would have been completely distracting” if made public, and that the McCann’s wanted to 
focus on a man seen by one of their friends” (Jane Tanner), and
 “it would have been too expensive to conduct full investigations into both sightings”.

Presumably, the decision to obscure this information was entirely unrelated to the fact that the chief witness, Martin Smith, had later stated;- 
I would be 60-80% sure that it was Gerald McCann that I met that night carrying a child”.

So here we are, almost SEVEN years down the line, still searching for the truth.
Searching amongst all the suspects, as regularly paraded by the Media, for a glimmer of hope.

A  genuine clue. 

A tangible piece of evidence. 

A factual accuracy.

Yet, amongst all the “swarthy suspects”, the Romany Gypsies, the dead paedophiles, the Middle-East sex-rings, the Moroccan gangsters, the ‘mysterious’ van full of cleaners, the now deceased black tractor driver who was never convicted of an offence when he was alive, the phantom sex-abuser who “liked young white girls”, the “gang of burglars”; ALL are linked by one factor only:- 

That there is not a single iota of evidence to support any of their involvement.

ALL the above have been cited in the media as being 'persons of interest' to the Scotland Yard investigation, and whilst Redwood cannot be expected to generalise or elaborate, one would think that he would at least have made a statement DENYING that they were in the frame, were that not the case.

So WHAT cost, precisely, the truth?

In a leaked letter from the HOME office, in  a response to information requested by a Welsh MP, it gives the following figures, current as to FEBRUARY  of this year:-

The costs incurred by the Metropolitan Police Service’s investigation, (operation Grange), so FAR, are £1,929,354 for 2011/12; £2,770,387 for 2012/13 and £1,254,705 for 2013/14.”
That’s a CURRENT total of £5,954,446 up to 14th February of this year. On average, a running total of around £2m per year. 

Until when? Who knows?

What about the cost to the PORTUGUESE inquiry into this case that allegedly almost “bankrupted” the Polícia Judiciária?

How much spent investigating the case by Private Detectives employed by the McCann’s?

How much spent on OTHER lines of inquiry funded by donations, sponsored events and high profile business backers? 

How much revenue raised via media deals, TV appearance fees, book deals and  serialisation rights?

How much in public donations, given by people of all ages and means, in a quest to find the truth surrounding what happened to the little girl?

All amount to but one unequivocal fact:-

That the British TAX payer has spent almost six million pounds Sterling, (and RISING, every day), to have Scotland Yard 'reveal' to us the ‘NEW’ suspect that the McCann’s themselves spent a fortune and SIX years keeping HIDDEN from us.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.