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Friday, 27 August 2010

The Spy who is still out in the cold.........

I have no idea how MI6 man, Gareth Williams, died. He was, apparently, found in a sports bag dumped in his bath. Ostensibly, this could well be murder. At best, it may prove to be a most unfortunate and embarrassing accident.

What I AM certain of, however, is that his poor family are going to have to try and come to terms with his death, at the same time as having to try and ignore the reported hurtful GARBAGE, masquerading as news, simply because Mr. Williams worked in an organisation generally referred to as a ‘Secret Service’.

This permits scurrilous hacks and editors to concoct a whole plethora of salacious conjecture which they then justify by asserting that because he was a “spy”, perhaps there is some real terrorist link or other security threat to us all.

The truth is that, HAD Mr. Williams been involved in activity of a SPECIFIC, National importance, or had his demise genuinely been suspected by the Security services as being caused my miscreants that pose a threat to our National Security, you can rest assured that we wouldn’t KNOW about it. Its circumstances, details and facts would have been suitably obscured from the public by the same means and methods that they, (and the Government), employ every time one of our spies DOES meet an unfortunate end at the hands of an enemy. (Or there is another ‘newsworthy’ item that the powers that be don’t want released).

Had Mr. Williams been a milkman, for instance, then he would briefly have been a National news bulletin item before being confined to the list of all the other unfortunates in this Country who meet a strange, unpleasant or unusual end.

Which is where I am sure Gareth Williams will eventually end up.

But NOT before his poor family, (especially his parents who are currently said to be, naturally, “inconsolable”), have to read countless articles speculating about his sexual orientation and practises, having his name included in the same sentence as ‘gay’, ‘transvestite’ and ‘rent boys’.

All because he elected to genuinely serve his country in an organisation that the gutter press sees as an excuse to concoct lurid and unrelenting column inches that serve to achieve nothing but heartbreak for the people to whom Mr. Williams meant something.

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