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Sunday, 30 September 2012

Now then, now then, how's about THIS, then?

According to an ITV Documentary due to be screened this week, Jimmy Saville is to be exposed as a serial sex abuser.

A number of people have apparently testified that Sir Jimmy alternately abused, raped, assaulted, groped, fondled or otherwise partook in behaviour that most would consider indecent and abhorrent.

Of course, this has already led to a vociferous backlash from friends, family members and innumerable fans of Saville:-

"The documentary-makers should be ashamed of themselves cashing in on a man who is dead and cannot defend himself."

This is disgusting!! The man has barely left us and these outrageous allegations surface

How convenient that all these claims appear after he died... - What’s happening to this country?

All these SICK people, just seeking fame and fortune, out to get what they can, making up stories about a decent man who can’t defend himself

Or, a very popular vein, reiterated around the online journal comments sections:-

How come these disgusting lies and accusations were never made when poor Sir Jimmy was ALIVE?

Erm... actually, they WERE. On many occasions. 

I have personally seen documents that mention Jimmy Saville in relation to investigations that were conducted into Jonathan King, as well as other ‘celebrities’, going back 32 years.

Jimmy’s ‘predilection’ for teenage girls is well known throughout show-business, not least in the corridors of the Establishment that ultimately contributed to his vast wealth and fame, the BBC.

And it is the BBC, to MY mind,  that are, unquestionably, (if the allegations relating to Saville are TRUE),  complicit in ensuring that much of Saville’s apparent behaviour was not only tolerated, but obscured, ensuring that the degradation was allowed to continue.

Surrey Police sent a substantial report to the CPS  in 2007 and were confident that there was enough material uncovered to warrant charges. Alas, the Crown spokesperson was quoted as saying:

 “a reviewing lawyer had advised officers a lack of evidence meant no action could be taken”.

Bizarrely, an investigation made by the BBC’s NEWSNIGHT team was SPIKED, just before it was about to be aired, the programme alleging pretty much what the ITV documentary is about to reveal.

Officially, the BBC is quoted as saying that they:

axed the report as they did not have enough proof to run the story”.

According to the popular Guido Fawkes blog, a leaked report back in FEBRUARY of this year states:

The Newsnight investigation uncovered information of which Surrey Police was not aware, and moreover allegations were made about living people. Surely the BBC had a duty to inform the police about these disclosures? Yet there is no indication that it has done so, and the BBC has refused to answer questions about this. Furthermore, given that Savile was on the BBC’s payroll for more than 25 years, and along with the other celebrities who are still alive, is alleged to have abused minors on BBC premises, shouldn’t the Corporation have launched an in-house inquiry?


 "...along with OTHER celebrities...................alleged to have abused minors on BBC premises."

Of course, a quick trawl through the online forums and conspiracy theory groups will reveal all kinds of allegations relating to Saville, (some of which actually hold SOME credibility), including his extensive LEGAL action to have removed a photograph of him and some of the residents of the sad and now infamous Haut de la Garenne children's home in Jersey.

There are, of course, other, infinitely darker allegations relating to him, much of which is without substantiation, to my mind, and I shall leave these nefarious tales for your own discovery.

Instead, I shall leave you with a factually ACCURATE story from John Simpson, undoubtedly one of the greatest Journalists of his, (or any other), generation.

He recounts the tale of his early working days at the BBC Radio Newsroom. He is given a story to write up that had just come through the wires, relating to the death of the very popular BBC Radio Children's Entertainer 'Uncle Dick'.

Simpson has to telephone Dick's equally famous partner, 'Aunty Gladys' for a QUOTE about his passing, along with comments relating to his work etc...

Gladys responded to Simpson's breaking 'sad' news with LAUGHTER, and is quoted as saying:

"That evil old bastard, I hope he died in agony!"

When Simpson pressed her for an explanation, Gladys recounted how, week after week, children from all over the Country would win competitions to visit the BBC studios and meet Uncle Dick.

Uncle Dick would welcome them, show them around, give them lunch;
"then take them to the Gent's and interfere with them".

If any parents ever complained, she stated, the Director General of the BBC would assert that there was clearly a mistake, that the
"Nation wouldn't ever understand such an accusation against a much-loved figure".

Simpson, believing that he had the scoop of the Century, made copious notes and quickly wrote up his copy relating to how Britain's best loved Children's entertainer was, in fact, a paedophile.

When he passed the story to his EDITOR, he was met with the following retort:

"You stupid, unthinking, ignorant, destructive young idiot!"

The Editor then turned to the newsroom typist and started to dictate, without notes, for BROADCAST:

"Uncle Dick's partner for many yearsAunty Gladys, told the BBC tonight that she was "deeply saddened" by his death".
She said, "he had a wonderful way with children,".