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Friday, 14 December 2012

The WAR that needs to be waged on the TERROR at home....

Dear America.

Your "right to bear arms" is what has BORNE today’s heartbreaking atrocity.

Enough, really IS enough.

Your "land of the free" isn't free, all the time your babies are at risk from fuckwits who can freely buy guns, rifles, automatic weapons and explosives from High street stores and corner shops; and it isn't the "home of the brave" all the time your laws are too weak and ineffective to deter incidents like this from happening time and time again..........


Thus far, America’s response is to proliferate Social Networking sites with sanctimonious, pious, saccharine coated bullshit; images/drawings of little angels being greeted by the outstretched arms of Jesus, or children, holding hands and climbing the staircase to heaven; or nauseating fabricated ‘letters’, declarations of love to her PARENTS, allegedly hastily scribbled by some poor child just before she was shot down.

Even WORSE, the puerile chorus of “Gun laws won’t bring those kids back” or the ever popular “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people”.

Perhaps a snapshot of America’s apathy can be gauged by the big response from Justin Beiber fans, who took to Twitter to protest that a TV programme featuring their idol was being threatened with cancellation because of ‘Breaking News’ bulletins covering the massacre!

Yes, America, people DO kill people. But it’s people with GUNS that kill MORE people more of the time.

And if your Guardians were to spend a fraction of the time and energy addressing the terrorists that move amongst you that they do fighting the apparent “War on Terror”, then perhaps a few more children would be around to light up the faces of their families this Christmas.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Child Abuse in our Society. The COVER UP continues.

Hyper Smash

Given my musings of yesterday on the BBC Child abuse allegations, my blog attempt at what I passingly contrived to be SATIRE, I feel a little compelled to pen something of a less humorous note on the whole debacle.

I don’t know what really happened at Haut de la Garenne Children’s home in Jersey; I wasn’t there.

I’m equally ignorant of the full facts relating to the allegations surrounding in Bryn Estyn in Wales, for the same reason.

Likewise, the countless OTHER Children’s homes in the UK which are said to have been the location of horrific sexual, physical and mental abuse.

I have no idea if the allegations surrounding an inordinate number of Senior Politicians and Lords of ALL parties, (most of which have been circulating on the Internet for YEARS), are true, either.

All I DO know, for certain, is that in every single case; in every single ‘investigation’, ‘review’ or’ ‘inquiry’, the full and true facts are invariably clouded in obfuscation and subterfuge.

Seemingly, deliberately so.

Documents shredded, photographs destroyed.

Accusers bullied, ignored or ridiculed.

Senior Politicians and Establishment figures implicated.

Police collusion with alleged abusers.

Sometime the Police, THEMSELVES, the alleged abusers.

Today, on the day that Conservative Party member David Mellor declared on National Television that whistle blowing Child abuse victim Steven Messham is a “WEIRDO”; ( a tad rich coming from a philandering foot-fetishist who copulated with a kiss-and-tell soft-porn actress whilst wearing a full Chelsea football strip, but I digress); in a day dominated with headlines relating to BBC failings and resignations, you could be forgiven for missing a story in the INDEPENDENT on Sunday Newspaper, relating to an astonishing COVER-UP.

Entitled ‘The JILLINGS Report: How the truth about North Wales child abuse scandal was suppressed’, this in-depth and revealing report detailed how the systematic abuse of young children was effectively OBSCURED by the Authorities for years.

It details the withholding of boxes and boxes of key evidence and information from the eventual Waterhouse enquiry; the ordering of the DESTRUCTION of ALL copies of the original investigation and reports;  the non-co-operation of Senior Police in granting access to information databases. 

More perturbing, the investigation unearthed the obscuring of ANOTHER, unpublished, internal Council report that suggested:

"There were numerous claims and suggestions that senior public figures including the police and political figures might have been involved in the abuse of young people.

It would be a huge mistake to think that the North Wales CHILD abuse travesty is unique. 

JERSEY has seen pretty much the same thing. Widespread allegations of abuse, committed by senior public and Establishment figures, all obscured or obliterated entirely in whitewashes, masquerading as reports or enquiries.

It remains to be seen whether or not David Cameron continues with his plans to reopen investigations into the North Wales and other, child abuse scandals. 

He originally professed his intention to do so after the revelations of Steven Messham, a former child abuse victim from Bryn Estyn, which were subsequently made to BBC’s ‘NEWSNIGHT’, and which highlighted his apparent claim that he was abused by a senior figure in the Conservative Party during the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher.

It may well be that Mr. Messham was genuinely confused or mistaken when he was alleged to have named Lord McAlpine as one of his abusers. 

It may also very well be, (as he himself allegedly purports), that it was the POLICE who identified McAlpine to him in photographs; images depicting the sexual abuse of young children.  

Given that those photographs are now reported to have been DESTROYED, no-one is really in a position to verify or negate the information.

At the risk of sounding superfluous, child abuse is the vilest, most despicable, depraved and heinous crime that Man can commit; the defiling and degrading of the truly innocent of our species.

We can only hope and maybe PRAY that those who perpetuate and propagate such atrocities, will one day be met with the Justice they deserve.

The SECOND, vilest crime, in MY opinion is the COVERING UP of this evil. 

If Cameron now elects NOT to pursue the investigations, the derogation and CHARACTER assassination made today by  Mellor and some sections of the PRESS, of Mr. Messham, will unequivocally contribute to that ongoing whitewash and cover-up.

We cannot be responsible for the repellent acts of those that abuse children.

But we CAN make the difference in striving to ensure that their actions do not go unpunished.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Lord McAlpine is INNOCENT! A BBC Apology

'Newsnight' would like to apologise most profoundly to Lord McAlpine and his family for naming him as a paedophile.

Even though we DIDN’T name HIM, or anyone else.

It was that Steven Messham’s fault. Idiot clearly has lost his marbles or is a fantasist, or both. 

Even though there isn’t any evidence to suggest that Messham named McAlpine in the first place, either.(Except where HE, himself, was ALSO made to apologise for naming the wrong person. Even though he DIDN’T name him, or was never reported as naming him, or anyone else).

Those nice Lawyers of Lord McAlpine have pointed out that, although they AGREE nobody named Lord McAlpine, (or anyone else), our report:
 “encouraged people to seek out the accused politician’s name on the internet”. 

We can only hope that Lawyers for Michael Portillo, Peter Lilley, Alan Milburn, Mike Hancock, Mark Oaten, Lord George Robertson, Lord Greville Janner, Lord Gerald Kaufman, Lord Leon Britton, Lord Andrew Hardie, Sir Peter Morrison, Alan Clark, Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, Lord Cullen, Julian Lewis MP, Michael Colvin, Ian Hamilton QC, and numerous OTHER Ministerial and high-ranking persons of ALL Political Parties and the Establishment, do not decide that our report may have “encouraged people to seek out the accused politician’s name on the internet”, also.

We, here at the BBC, accept that, in order for us to continue receiving the LICENCE fee from the General Public, we are not only going to have to admit culpability and complicity in the heinous crimes of the late Sir Jimmy Savile, (taking special care NOT to mention his high ranking, Governmental Minister contacts), but in an attempt to deviate away from our own, high profile failings, we are also going to have to admit over-zealousness in reporting the ramblings of a clearly deluded man who may or may NOT have been abused in a Children’s home by a person or persons unknown.
 (Except categorically NOT persons who are or were remotely related to the Government).

That way, Mr. Cameron won’t have to worry about having to set up ANOTHER tedious, expensive and long-winded “inquiry” into allegations of child abuse at certain Childrens’ homes all over the UK, only to find that there is insufficient, or NO evidence to proceed with any prosecutions against high-ranking individuals, including former Government Ministers.

Rather like the LAST time there was such an enquiry.

Along with all the OTHER times there was such an enquiry.

On a BRIGHTER note, we can look forward to telling that imbecilic muppet, Phillip Schofield ,where to go when he comes to us for a job once ITV are made to sack him!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

JIMMY SAVILE ~ a Truth Stranger than ANY Fiction

Truth”, so said Mark Twain, “is stranger than fiction”. 

He also added, more tellingly, “But it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities, Truth, isn’t”.

Imagine if Hollywood created a film or some pulp fiction ‘Horror’ writer penned a tale about some sexual predator;  a shimmering, gold lamé track-suited, medallion wearing, jewellery encrusted, shoulder-length platinum blonde-haired, goggle-eyed beast, who ‘yodelled’ manically whilst puffing on a seemingly endless supply of huge, expensive Cuban cigars.

Then let’s make him a serial SEX abuser of young girls. 

Oh, AND boys. 

OR, better still, an abuser of ANYONE who might be deemed to be vulnerable or defenceless; young OR old.

Say like children in special homes or Approved schools. 

People in HOSPITALS, of ALL ages; frail and dependant on others for their needs. 

Or, lets really go out on a limb and make him an abuser of people in MENTAL institutions; the incarcerated, requiring pharmaceutical and psychiatric care.

THEN, let’s give him the access, KEYS and total freedom to wander around these institutions, hospitals and schools, unimpeded; abusing and degrading as he goes.

How utterly ridiculous and entirely incredible a tale would THAT be??

OK then; let’s try and make it even more ludicrous and perverse.

Let’s say he also has a predilection for Necrophilia. 
Let’s say he enjoys intimate acts with corpses; 

That he has SEX with dead bodies.

NOW we’re going TOO far! Totally devoid of any credibility whatsoever, right? I mean, such a fabricated MONSTER would be way beyond the most deranged dreams of even the most disturbed fantasist ever, right?

Yeah, but hold on; stay with me on this.

Let’s say that not only did he indulge in ALL of the above despicable acts, but that he was allowed to do so for perhaps as long a period as FIFTY years; HALF a Century, without censure, prohibition or apprehension.

AND, if it was possible to demolish any last vestiges of plausibility, let’s make this BEAST one of the most recognised faces on TV; apparently beloved and adored by MILLIONS, a wacky pioneer, a zany Disc Jockey and a tireless CHARITY worker who raised countless sums for many Hospitals.

A DEVIL in an Angel’s disguise, if you will.

Revered and worshipped by kids, Mum's, Dad's, Grannies and all!
Of course, such a TALE, or screenplay, would never get past the brief opening synopsis! It would be tossed aside in utter contempt!

Who could ever buy this crap?”
 some wizened old publisher or Movie mogul would snarl;
 “How the hell would this guy get away with a FRACTION of what he does in ONE WEEK, let alone a lifetime?

Ah, yes, well; you see, this is the tricky bit. Let’s suppose our Monster moved in certain ‘circles’; people with like-minded, erm...penchants.

People with whom he had a mutual understanding. 

People who were powerful.

REALLY, really powerful.

And who just happened to share similar ‘interests’ or  indulgences. 

People who couldn’t be seen to be attempting to... erm... ‘procure’ suitable participants for their own perverted desires and fantasies.

People who would readily welcome and embrace the opportunity to befriend someone who COULD procure, supply and deliver, such participants. 

Of ANY age.

People, perhaps, who were OTHER, famous faces, leading sordid ‘other’ lives.

Other Disc Jockeys.

Pop Stars.

TV Stars.

Infamous Gangsters from BOTH sides of the water.



Perhaps..................even................PRIME Ministers.

Or Royalty..........................

OK! OK! OK! I’m outta here!!

NOT coming to a cinema or bookstore near you.
Jimmy Savile.1926 -  2011..... If there be a GOD; please let there be a Hell.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

A WISH for April Jones

One of the reasons that the BBC series ‘Life on Mars’ was so popular, is that it so radically deviated away from the modern way of policing in the 21st century!

For those not familiar with the show, (and to be honest, I have watched very little of it, although I CAN see its appeal), it tells the story of a modern day Manchester cop being transported back to 1973, a time when corruption and police brutality were regular stock in trade methods of securing convictions.

Now, there ARE those that might assert that such outrageous and unacceptable methods are still pursued by various Constabularies around the Country, but in general, the Police and their Modus Operandi is strictly controlled by the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984, along with its innumerable updates, Statutes and other legislation that governs how they can and can’t behave whilst investigating crime.

Which, ostensibly, is a necessary and essential best practice for a humane, judicial and democratic society.


I can’t help wishing that some of the crimes being investigated today aren’t being DONE so utilising some of those ‘rogueish’, barbaric methods of days gone by.

I am, essentially, a libertarian and I have frequently been quick to lambast what I perceive to be appalling policing, such as the death of Ian Tomlinson or the undisciplined lines of police cordons arbitrarily lashing out at protestors.

BUT, I am also prone to write, proffering PRAISE where I believe it to be due. And I DO believe it to be never more due than it is in Dyfed-Powys, in Wales.

For it is there that Police, together with TEN specialist teams and volunteers, have spent the past days searching high and low amongst the Welsh countryside in the most appalling of weather conditions and under the most severe PRESSURE, in an effort to find missing five-year old girl, April Jones.

As I write this, Mark Bridger, a local man known well to the family of the missing girl, has spent five days in custody, being questioned, before finally being charged with the little girl’s abduction and murder, in addition to attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Consequently, because of sub-judice issues, I obviously have to take some care with what I write.

However, I AM willing to ‘suggest’ a few observations and interpretations as to how I feel the case has, thus far, transpired:-

We already know that April was, allegedly, seen getting into a vehicle, belonging  to Bridger. We already know that the police apprehended him very quickly; the day after the girl was reported missing.

We can only make educated guesses as to what might have happened subsequent to that arrest and the charges being made five days later. 

Unquestionably, he would have had legal representation throughout the whole interrogation process, as is his right. ANY solicitor worth his salt would vehemently recommend that his client make ‘NO COMMENT’ responses to any question that might possibly incriminate him.

It is also NOT unreasonable to deduce that whatever answers or information Bridger DID give to the police during his questioning may have been subterfuge, fabrication or just downright lies, given that he is also being charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.

Whatever he did or didn’t say, was obviously of very little help to the inquiry because the police have spent every waking hour since the girl was reported missing LOOKING for her, alongside very many volunteers who worked tirelessly helping with the search.

After four days into the search, the volunteers were stood down and the search was continued using only specialised teams and groups employing a variety of unique methods.

It is almost certainly one of these teams, probably specialist DOGS trained to detect cadaverine, that have led police to conclude that April is dead.

As I write this, the police and the specialist teams, mountain rescuers, cavers, divers and dog handlers are STILL continuing with their search, along with helicopters and patrol boats.

MANY of those searchers are doing so without pay, expenses or remuneration of any kind, especially the mount ain rescue teams.

Such an emotive and emotionally charged display of dedication and unending spirit, determined to bring some closure, solace and peace to a family and community whose heartache and pain does not bear thinking about.

For which I personally have the utmost and irrevocable admiration for each and every one involved.
And YET..........

Despite my obvious belief in, and support of, the necessary judicial process; I can’t help thinking, almost HOPING and wishing, that some ruthless, thuggish maverick COP......

... were to have TWISTED the suspects arm, firmly behind his back, slamming his head into the interrogation table in the process, forcing him to tell the truth.

Maybe that way, we would know. The whole truth. Without the multi-million pound exercise, the innumerable man-hours, searches, vehicles, dogs, helicopters, boats, mountain rescuers, divers, crews and volunteers.

In all probability it would NOT have saved the little girl. 

But it WOULD have saved her parents and family from such tortuous, sustained anguish, pain and indescribable heartache. 

And for THAT fact alone, I make no apology for wishing that police brutality were alive and well in the admirable and stoic hearts of the men and women of North-West Wales.

Goodnight, godbless, April,  wherever you may be.