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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Harriet Harman Minister for Child Porn?

"They hate equality agenda which most of them, as men, feel threatened by".

Deputy Labour Leader Harriet Harman tweeting today about her critics in the Press, in response to
Huffington Post's Political Editor, Mehdi Hasan who fawned :

"Don't know why (Harriet) has so many haters and mockers in the press. She is a very articulate & convincing media performer"

Actually, Harriet, at the risk of seeming to want to derogate your 'Sisterhood' rant,  maybe it’s because some of them abhor CHILD pornography and are very suspicious of those who advocate it.

People like yourself, who once asserted that sexually explicit photographs or films of children should be LEGAL unless there was “evidence that the subject had been harmed”.

People who don’t forget that, alongside Patricia Hewitt, you held a very senior position at the National Council for Civil Liberties, (now known as Liberty), a group whose affiliates were the odious and despicable Paedophile Information Exchange and Paedophile Action for Liberation.

Groups whose members argued openly for the abolition of the age of consent, insisting it should be lowered to 14, as well as decriminalising INCEST.

Groups for whom, as the ‘umbrella’ body, the NCCL, YOU, as an acting LEGAL officer, signed the official response to the Government’s proposed
Protection of Children Bill, (designed to tighten the laws on child pornography by banning indecent images of under-16), describing the proposed laws as:-

(could lead to) “damaging and absurd prosecutions” and “increase censorship”.

People who recall that you suggested that a “pornographic photo or film of a child should not be considered indecent unless it could be shown that the subject had suffered, and that prosecutors would have to prove harm rather than defendants having to justify themselves”.

People who remember your letter as suggesting that “Our amendment places the onus of proof on the prosecution to show that the child was actually harmed.”

People who, in response to those who query and express astonishment as to how predatory Paedophiles like Jimmy Savile and OTHERS were allowed to prosper for so long, might point to the activities of the afore-mentioned groups, and those who FOUGHT for them, as the possible source of an answer. 

So you’ll have to forgive me, Harriet, if I remain one of your critics.

NOT as a man who hates “Equality Agenda” due to the fact that, as a man, I feel threatened by it.

But as a man who despises hypocritical opportunists; ‘FEMINISTS’, whose professions for Political Correctness,  EQUALITY and the rights of others seemingly precludes the exploitation of children for the sexual gratification of paedophiles.......