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Sunday, 24 March 2013

McCanns CHAMPION. Will the REAL Jim Gamble Please stand up?

It appears I have offended Jim Gamble, former Northern Ireland Police Chief and former Chief Executive of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

For those who may have forgotten, Mr. Gamble formed a close alliance with the McCanns, after their daughter Madeleine went missing, making them ‘Poster People’ for his CEOP Website, as well as involving them in other Campaigns. 

I asked Mr. Gamble, via his twitter account, whether it was still his insistence that Madeleine McCann was abducted?

His response, I found to be quite astonishing:
I am not sure that I gave ever (sic) insisted any particular theory

Could this really be THE Jim Gamble? 

The Jim Gamble who invited Gerry McCann to a CEOP conference entitled 'Taken: Sexually-motivated child abductions' to deliver the final speech?? 
The Jim Gamble who oversaw the making of the CEOP Viral video ‘A Minute for Madeleine’, a heart-rending appeal to the abductor, or those who know the abductor, to make contact and “Do the right thing”.

The Jim Gamble who said of Madeleine’s ABDUCTOR, in an interview with the Guardian:

"The person who's done it knows they have done it," said Gamble. "They will be paranoid, and it is likely that someone close to them will see that paranoia, or that as the pressure builds someone close to them who knows they have done it, and who is no longer a friend, might come forward. One thing is sure: the person who did this will be watching and listening."


Clearly, this is a DIFFERENT Jim Gamble on Twitter, for THIS Jim Gamble now says:

Until an investigation comes up with definitive answers I'm not sure we can say exactly what happened”.

Which was rather precisely the POINT of my question, given Mr. Gamble’s very obvious, tangible and unequivocal support of the McCanns and the ABDUCTION theory.

When I point this out to him, he responds:
She is still missing. I am not going to play word games with you”.

ONE thing which is very apparent and repetitive in Mr. Gamble’s tweets about the case is his assertion that the McCanns have been “victimised”, “bullied” and “harassed”. 

"I am sure however that the parents should not be bullied"......."I am if the opinion that the parents are harassed and bullied"....." I take it you don't support abusive & malign attacks on the parents?"

Here is MY response to him, in full:

"Mr. Gamble, I am categorically NOT playing games of any kind, word or otherwise. You have demonstrably been a vociferous supporter of the McCanns over the past few years, clearly propagating the theory that Madeleine McCann was abducted, and I merely wanted to know why it was you were so certain that the little girl WAS abducted. 

Your initial response was "I am not sure that I gave ever insisted any particular theory", and I am reiterating that it is patently simple to demonstrate that you HAVE. 

That, of course, is your prerogative and I am in no way derogating you for your opinion. 

Additionally, you keep responding to my questions that you are witnessing a lot of "bullying" of Madeleines' parents, Kate and Gerry. Are you suggesting that anyone who wishes to dispute or doubt that Madeleine was abducted is, in fact, a BULLY? 

I fully agree and accept that there are some sections of the online community who have posted despicable material relating to the case and who have adopted a course of action that could be deemed bullying, but my queries and questions, along with those many OTHERS who wish to voice the same opinions, can not surely be included in that?"

Mr. Gamble hasn’t, as yet, responded, nor do I expect him to.
He DID, however, take issue with other tweeters who made comments, and he also suggested that he would be seeking Legal recourse:- 
I will be in touch He writes, cryptically, if not a little menacingly, including ME in his message. 

A quick perusal through Mr. Gamble’s Twitter timeline will quickly establish his apparent and obvious devotion to stopping Online Bullying and abuse.

Which makes it all the more remarkable when you consider that some of the people he FOLLOWS and supports, on Twitter, are renowned and regular abusers and bullies of those who do NOT bully or harass Madeleine’s parents, but simply elect NOT to believe that Madeleine McCann was abducted!

He converses with, re-tweets and follows those who haunt those forums and web pages, specifically designed, set up and launched to provide an ABUSE platform against anyone who deviates from the Madeleine abduction theory. 

Web pages that publish personal and private information, photographs of individuals and in some cases, their families and CHILDREN, ‘outing’ who they refer to as ‘Pitchforkers’ or ‘Haters’ simply because they do not share their opinions. 

People who undertake extensive and elaborate CYBERSTALKING in order to vilify and abuse anyone who opines anything differently to what the McCanns and their subservient PRESS adhere to.

So this clearly CAN’T be THE Jim Gamble, but an imposter, or someone who has hacked his twitter account.

As I tweeted:

PLEASE NOTE: TROLL ALERT @Jgineqe account, purporting to be Jim Gamble, formerly of CEOP, is probably FAKE, unless proven otherwise!”

Quick as a flash, jumping to his defence is none other than the infamous Father Jack!, (@urcrazytoo)  a person who has made 17,500 tweets, EXCLUSIVELY abusing, goading and ridiculing everyone and anyone  who elects not to agree with the seeming CULT to which this individual subscribes!

Even QUICKER was the defence of Father Jack himself, made by........Jim GAMBLE!!

When I referred to the former using a derogative, if not marginally abusive  term, Gamble responded:
 “Classic, why resort to abusive language?

Because, Mr. Gamble, you can’t argue with a Troll. They’ll bring you down to their level and beat you with experience every time.

So you’ll have to forgive me if, you are indeed the REAL Jim Gamble and it WAS you who ‘penned’ the conversation we held on twitter .

Alas, my assertion that you are a troll still stands.

Because, by standing against, and encouraging the derogating of anyone who chooses NOT to support the McCanns, along with labeling them as bullies and abusers by virtue of their opinions, is trolling. 
In addition to which, ANYONE who cares to FOLLOW and associate with the incorrigible and puerile Father Jack can only be a troll!

Of course, if you still wish to seek “legal recourse”, then let me know. I’ll give you my address to send the subpoena.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.


  1. Very well said :-)

  2. As usual you say it as it is! Good for you! Too many commenting regarding this tragedy, papering over the cracks.

  3. Well said Mike....if it is Gamble he should be ashamed of himself.

  4. Another success, well done Mike. I enjoy reading your blogs.

  5. I hope Jim Gamble reads this blog.

    Considering he must be intelligent to have held such important positions, surely he can see the vast majority of supporters are doing his friends Gerry & Kate no good with their terror campaign towards people who are truly concerned about Madeleine and spend time keeping her in the forefront of people's minds and praying for truth and justice for her? Why would anybody support those who will do anything to ruin the lives of those who seek the truth? Madeleine was three years old, whoever harmed or took her from 5A must pay for what they've done by law. Anything less is wholly disrespectful to the innocent little angel's life.

    People who care are vilified and threatened by bullies, thugs, stalkers, terrorists and have to endure massive intimidation. Anyone who supports that behaviour either doesn't give a fig about Madeleine and her family or is willfully (or naturally?) ignorant.

    I invite Mr Gamble to hang around on twitter and watch to see just who the decent people really are.

  6. Jgamble

    @DodgyDrPayne stop harassing me. You have no reason to do so. You manipulation. Verbal bullying is offensive in the extreme. Stop.

    How old is Jgamble? Just asking. NL

    1. Yet another who can't answer a reasonable question and resorts to telling the world what a bully you are for asking for a reply?

  7. An excellent piece,i find Gamble's total belief in the McCann's extraordinary,he held a position of power,yet he supported them even when they were arguidas,he even said he was glad Bennett was prosecuted,i know what i think but dare not say on a public forum.

    1. That he's another " Jim'll fix it" ?

    2. If it look like a duck...

  8. I am beginning to think that all people in positions of powers are creations of some mad scientist in a smoke filled laboratory.
    Sometimes the scientist forgets which one of his creations is tied in to what.
    Please let us never give up finding out the truth of who prevented truth and justice in this case.
    The whole rotten barrel of them.

  9. Jgamble

    @DodgyDrPayne @ShyLand_ I have already asked you to stop engaging with me. So please stop.

    Panic button anyone?

  10. Way to go Spudgun.
    I wonder if Jim Gamble has heard rumours from his police friends and is now hedging his bets re the "abduction".
    It seems odd that he was so outspokenly in favour of Madeleine having been taken and now appears to be backtracking?

  11. i wouldnt trust gamble at all.

  12. Funny how scared of opinion these people are?
    When did asking questions equal bullying?
    It all becomes so clear now.
    They still think that they control the floodgates? And that we can ask and will ask intelligent questions with integrity till the end. There are many of us who wil not tire. To Madeleine.

  13. I also think there's a degree of back-peddling gone on. From being adamant over the abduction to being on the fence with an inability to answer pertinent questions speaks volumes. We should consider that a minor victory and seeing where it goes, rather than playing into their hands by arguing with or annoying him. The doubters are getting very bad press recently and it doesn't look good, it gives others ammunition and believability into "hate motivation" even if it can't be further from the truth. I think they're revelling in it because that's exactly what they want. Try to keep noses cleaner and let this run it's course. Play nice and let others look like the pieces of work they really are, attacking people is their domain and no moral victory was ever won by letting the opposition look good. Just saying.

  14. Thank you Spudgun and thank you Anon 25 March 2013 20:29 for your excellent comment.

  15. i've renamed gamble sissy,because hes like a cry baby.

  16. See

  17. Jim Gamble wants people prosecuted for not believing the McCanns',though he calls it bullying,yet i read a link on another forum where he said that not all who view child porn should be jailed,he was actually head of ceop at the time.I better not say anything else.

  18. Anon above do you mean this? t

  19. Thank goodness the Coalition sacked Gamble, he is a dangerous individual and will do ANYTHING to get on, my family have suffered because of his lies during Operation Ore, I hope one day he slips up and gets his cummuppence.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Please feel free to correspond via, should you so wish.

  20. Hey, Slippery Jim, what happened to CATS system registration number 19309....?