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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Madeleine McCann ------- The Scriptures According to the McCanns

After having successfully BANNED the sale and further publication of Goncalo Amaral’s book about the investigation into their missing daughter, (although that ban was subsequently overturned by the Lisbon Appeals Court, Kate & Gerry are STILL badgering away at the Portuguese judicial system to enforce the original ruling); The McCanns have announced that they are writing a book of their OWN, highlighting what is described as the “charting of Kate and Gerry McCann's desperate search for their daughter who disappeared”.

Kate McCann is quoted as saying "My reason for writing is simple -- to give an account of the truth."

However, given that the book was the subject of a “fierce bidding war”, (trade-speak for ridiculous sums of money offered, together with a big advance), I would suggest the REAL reason for the book is rather self-evident.

It was written with a “very heavy heart”, says Kate, but adds that "Every penny we raise through its sales will be spent on our search for Madeleine. Nothing is more important to us than finding our little girl."

On a PERSONAL level, I welcome the publication of this book most avidly.

One of the reasons why the McCanns have escaped so much criticism from some quarters of the Press and Media, (barring the direct interference from high placed ‘friends’ who have thus far managed to dictate the Editorial policy of MANY publications, programmes, and documentaries), is because they have been so RETICENT in explaining much of their own actions, observations and involvement in the judicial procedures surrounding the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance.

Indeed, what little they HAVE stated, on camera, (and by way of Gerry’s infamous, now defunct ‘blog’), has been rather obscure and ambiguous at best; bizarre, contrived and lacking credibility at worst. Perhaps their account of the investigation into their missing daughter will cast new light on what is a rather inexplicable case?

However, I fear that they have been rather ill-advised to state that the book will “Chart Kate and Gerry McCann's desperate search for their daughter”.

For, as I have stated on MORE than one occasion, it is a complete LACK of any evidence supporting their search for their daughter which has created much unease in my personal assimilation of the whole affair.

They created a MULTI-Million pound business/fund/website/engine/charity/, entitled “Looking for Madeleine”, yet LOOKING is the very thing I have never known them do.

Never. Ever.

Not even on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, do any documents, statements or witnesses refer to any ‘searching’ or ‘looking’.

Lots of contradictory statements exist amongst the McCanns and their Tapas friends, regarding their movements, actions and observations leading up to, during and AFTER Madeleine’s disappearance, but nothing that seems to suggest any actual LOOKING. At ANY time.

With the inexorable complicity of Clarence Mitchell, (not to mention Government Ministers, including Gordon Brown), the McCanns were afforded audiences with the POPE, together with Political leaders from around the world.

They even were instrumental in being consulted in the formulation of possible new LAWS, designed to improve the processes of finding missing children. But of any actual LOOKING for Madeleine, there was none.

Whistle-stop tours took in Europe and the US, including the WHITE HOUSE, no less, for publicity and fund-raising stunts. But no actual searching.

The Internet is awash with a whole plethora of conspiracy theories surrounding the case of Madeleine McCann. From the ridiculous to the preposterous, they are all there. Some, perhaps, more than others having an element or modicum of truth.

I have often been asked, what the most important factor is in my unease over the case of Madeleine McCann.

What is it, I am pressed, that makes me so uncomfortable about their demeanour, their behaviour and their actions? Why, in the absence of any conclusive or irrefutable evidence, should I so be critical of them?

It is this one, single solitary factor..........

In early August, 2007, a Child Therapist saw a young girl of whom she stated that she was “100% sure”, was Madeleine McCann, in a restaurant in the town of Tongerin near the Dutch border.

Of course, there had been many “sightings” of Madeleine since her disappearance. It is not unusual to receive such witness sightings in a missing person case, and it would be ridiculous, counter-productive and, indeed, inadvisable to pursue every apparent sighting.

But this was different.

This was a RELIABLE, sound, lucid witness of a high professional standing, giving a detailed, credible and accurate witness testimony.

It was considered important enough by the authorities to seal off the entire area, create several APB's and road-blocks for Madeleine and her apparent 'captors', and to dispatch a specialist Forensics team to the location. There, they procured a GLASS, believed to have been used and drunk out of by ‘Madeleine’, in order to undertake in-depth DNA and fingerprint analysis.

I have spoken to many people, mainly parents, about their opinions on this particular instance.

ALL were unanimous in their conclusions.

That had THEY received such credible, likely and STRONG evidence that their missing daughter had been seen, then nothing, but NOTHING would have stopped them from IMMEDIATELY going to that location, no matter HOW remote.

In actual fact, it was a mere couple of hours flight away from Praia de Luz.

The McCanns, instead, chose to drive to HUELVA, in Spain, to “hand out leaflets”, even though it was a BANK Holiday and barely no-one was around..............................

For me, the only possible explanation as to why they DIDN’T rush to that little Belgium town, where the eyes of the whole WORLD were concentrated, awaiting some news that the little girl might be safe and sound................................was because they KNEW it couldn’t be Madeleine.

So I shall be READING the McCann book with great interest, as I am sure, will a LOT of other people. I have a LOT of questions that I need answering. A lot of obfuscation that perhaps their book can make clear.

Of course, the McCanns and their supporters might argue that given the enormous amount of heartbreak, pressure and pain that they have suffered, not to mention the length of time that has elapsed since Madeleine’s disappearance; it won’t be easy recalling everything that has passed.

For me, I prefer to concur with an old adage once penned by Mark Twain:-

That if you tell the TRUTH, you don’t have to remember...............


  1. Also, I remember it being discussed that perhaps this incident was "set up", to divert the press to that area, so that the McCanns could quietly do whatever they were doing en-route to Huelva. Whilst the eyes of the media were focused elsewhere, the parents could have been disposing of unwanted matter, traces of which, clippings of hair, and "Dirty nappies", were allegedly detected in the hire car by Eddie and Keela!!!

  2. The Tongeren "sighting" coincided conveniently with the arrival of the dogs and dispelled their findings from the Headlines in Britain.

  3. Whoever is behind this whole set-up, has one hell of an imagination and yes each set-up' was to cover-up what was really going on. For me it was the broken shutter, if they had to invent a break in then Madeleine was dead. The 'Tongeren' sighting I remember well and also could never understand while the public waited, the McCanns' made it obvious' they could could give a damn . It was as though they knew that whatever they did no matter how many wrong moves or lies they told, it just did not matter Madeleines body would never be found and they were 'just' so well protected.

    I have no idea who the 'great defenders ' are on the Internet, who have nothing to say but 'the Mccanns are innocent' just what they are innocent of they do not seem to know.

    But yes the McCanns have told us themselves many times with their 'lack' of actions Madeleine died in Apartment 5a.

  4. Well said.
    And let us not forget that famous smirk and dismissive sneer that Gerry made when he was asked, live on TV, what his feelings were when a new sighting was reported. (I don't have the reference to hand, but it is out there.)

  5. I remember that particular sighting in Belgium. At that stage I myself believed the McC's and was waiting on tenderhooks to hear if it was Madeleine. I had no idea this coincided with their trip to Huelva. very,very interesting Spudgun.

    1. errrm they didn't go because DNA ruled her out

  6. They never moved it.Never,not even on the night Madeleine "disappeared" and certainely not whenever a sighting was reported,especially during the Tongeren sighting.I really thought it was Madeleine that one and unique time.I really thouhgt they would have ran there and interrogate the person who apparently saw her.Any normal parents would have but they didnt because they simply KNOW it couldnt be her because they KNOW she is dead.
    As simple as this.
    I am also earger to read their book,their own "account of the truth",like they call it.
    Which truth?Defending that the child is "alive and well looked after in the hands of a paedophile"?
    We know before hand it will just be a recompilation of their lies.It will be a great contrast comparing it with the book written by a professional man who wrote his on real facts taken from a real criminal investigation.
    I am wondering if they also are going to take this "litterary adventure" to defame GA and Portugal further more....?
    That we like it or not,it will be interesting but ,Spudgun,I doubt very much that any of our questions will be answered there.
    The ONLY way it would is in a court of law and not anywhere else.When is this going to happen?
    This is an other chapter...and who will write it?

  7. Another example of the parents indiference when faced with a possible lead of where their daughter might be, from Mr. Amaral's book:

    "One day, we were all together at the PJ in Portimão - inspectors and negotiators, members of Scotland Yard and the Leicestershire police - waiting for a contact to define the place and the conditions for the handing over of the money in Holland; when the tension was at its height and we were all holding our breath, Gerald McCann displayed a nonchalance that surprised all of the police officers present, including the English. The atmosphere got heavier as the waiting drew out, but McCann, relaxed, was reading trivia on the internet and discussing rugby and football with the English police, while licking a lollipop. On the telephone, he laughed with friends who called him. Perhaps this was nervousness; sometimes it's totally displaced, given what is at stake at the time. His attitude shocked. When, two days later the dutch police informed us that the individual had been arrested, that he was not holding any information and had lied from start to finish with the sole objective of extorting money from the couple, we were not surprised.

    Did Gerald McCann know that this lead would take us to a dead end? Is that the reason he appeared to be so nonchalant? Or was it due to the coldness that he never lost throughout the investigation - an attitude that made one of the English police officers say: "Don't forget he's a heart surgeon and he cuts people open before breakfast."

    Tells it all, really!

    1. Amaral is a lying nasty piece of work

  8. The most ridiculous and preposterous conspiracy theory may yet turn out to be the true one. Lets wait and see.


  9. As usual Spudgun, you have your finger on the pulse!
    Your video made me cry but keep putting your views to the fore. Pity there aren't more like you!

  10. Spudgun, thank you for the excellent article.
    Video Sandra Felgueiras interviews the McCann couple. (thanks to Joana Morais)

    3:25 Sandra: which were they? (sightings)

    Difficult question.
    The McCanns themselves confirm your conclusion (again).


    Maybe some answers to your wonderful video ?

  12. the tide seems to have turned thoroughly for the McCanns..gone are their smiles..I "hate" to be one of those ones that goes -i suspected them from the word go...still, i did, and i still do. Not only do i suspect, i just "know" somehow that whatever the reason Madeleine went missing was due to something the McCanns themselves were involved in. I cannot remember what interview it was where Gerry got really irate at the reporter and stood up in fury, ready to walk out the studio, and Kate just sat there looking terrified of him. My card lies on that he is a real tyrant and sadist, a psycho/sociopath, and a pedophile as the "icing on the cake"..It's easy to tell from his whole way of being, talking and acting that he has no emotions apart from those that when he is being questioned -he bites like a dog with rabies. And he has Kate in an iron grip. One day when the truth comes out in all it's ugliness, remember what you read here.

  13. I believed the McCanns for the first couple of years. I would have sworn up and down that they were the victims only of their own stupidity, leaving three kids unattended while they went out drinking (they like to call it dining). But then I had only ever read the stories in the mainstream media, mostly Sky News. I grew suspicious when I saw a pattern of sightings which amounted to nothing and then fizzled out and were forgotten. Thank God for the people who saw through the McCanns from the start and never gave up on Madeleine by setting up websites to tell the truth.

    It is looking like the beginning of the end for the McCanns and someone from the Tapas group is going to see their end coming too and will get a lawyer and make a deal to tell all in order to secure immunity from prosecution. My bets are on David Payne. He has the most to lose, not only for covering up a crime, but for the suspicions of pedophilia.

    It's all coming unravelled and Madeleine will get justice. The world has been held hostage to this story long enough.

  14. Spudgun, respect man, totally agree with you and I love your letter and following you-not to be confused with stalking!!
    Keep it up.

  15. You lot are deluded, vicious and insane

    1. QUITE AGREE they are all vicious nasty spiteful trolls

  16. Nah - take no notice of Anon.5.5.11 22.40 - you are one of the best!

  17. All the forensic evidence indicates that Madeleine was killed in the apartment. There is no evidence at all of any abduction; only the claimed sighting of a man carrying a child by one of the McCann's own party! The only finger prints on the window were those of Kate McCann.

    Of course, when questioned by the Portuguese police she refused to answer any of their questions. Why on earth would she do that unless she had something to hide? Surely, the natural reaction of a mother in such circumstances would have been to assist the Police in any way possible. Not her. She behaved in an appalling and unnatural way and has continued to do so ever since. I really don't understand why the British media are so indulgent of this odious couple. It is absolutely outrageous that they misused funds raised for finding Madeleine to thwart the publication of Amaral's book. It is also extremely unsavoury that they are making money for themselves out of the "search for Madeleine" and all their money spinning activities. I'm pleased to see that the guilt is becoming etched on their faces. They think they are clever and that they've got away with it...but they can never escape the truth. One day it will confront them. I certainly would not want to be treated by either of those psychos.

  18. The truth will out, it is a shame the death penalty is no longer in use,

    1. oh yes I can see you all sitting by the guillotine happily killing innocent people - disgusting