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Monday, 28 February 2011

What KATY did next...........

I would hesitate to assert that I actually ‘enjoy’ a reputation of being a vociferous critic of Kate and Gerry McCann.

I have always found it most amusing and occasionally frustrating, (and still do) that, given that I consider myself a sometime serious investigative journalist of quite a few proud achievements over an 18 year period, that my moniker should only ever be associated with my musings over and a video relating to an, (as yet), unsolved and unfathomable missing child case.

When I consider the multitudinous blogs and websites that vilify and subject the McCann’s to all kinds of conjecture and curious conspiracy theories, I am forever surprised at the severity of the responses, abuse and messages that find their way into my mailbox. After all, I have NEVER specifically accused them of anything.

I have never, for instance, lambasted them for leaving their children unattended, which they DID, certainly to a much greater degree than they would have us believe, (although I always found it odd why they didn’t accept the available night-time babysitting services, especially given that their 3 children spent the majority of their holiday daytime in the day care nursery).

Nor have I ever really criticised the rather chilling and clinical formation of the ‘Look for Madeleine’ project, especially so SOON after the little girl’s disappearance; basically a slickly rolled out Limited Company designed to create money and, erm....., create money.

No. My criticisms and barbed comments have generally been reserved for their toadying supporters, the ‘Z’ list, (and occasional ‘A’ list) celebrities who managed to think they could enhance their profile by aligning themselves to the McCann’s cause celebre.

I will admit to having frequently given special mention of course, to the British PRESS, whose Editorial policy is very clearly being dictated to them by way of a combination of bullying, back-scratching and financial incentives. (Not to mention the THREATS by some of the big companies to refrain from spending any more of their advertising budget with them, as has been pointed out to me by a former Senior News Editor).

I may also have lambasted certain factions of the previous ‘Nu Labour’ administration, (including the Premier Gordon Brown) who, on occasions, apportioned more time intervening, arranging World leader meetings and Papal visits for them and making personal telephone calls to them than the time spent for some of the duties they were elected to undertake!.

It is true, also, I have to admit that I might have reserved a harsh word or two for the utterly unique, unenviable and one time ubiquitous Clarence Mitchell.

Whoever decided that Mr. Mitchell would be the best spokesperson and general representative for a couple at one time facing serious criminal charges is a mystery to me all on its own.

For here is a man whose very raison d’être is to fabricate, concoct and invent; a man whose most prolific previous appointment was to basically SPY on the British population by way of monitoring their opinions, thoughts and deeds in his role as the Head of the Central Office of Information’s ‘Media Monitoring Unit’.

His role? To basically ‘eavesdrop’ and gauge public opinion, compare it to what the Government’s desired views were/are and to control and influence that opinion towards the Government’s way of thinking.
OR, as the official description states:

“The Central Office of Information (COI) is the Government's centre of excellence for marketing and communications. Since 1946 we have worked in partnership with government departments and the public sector to drive best practice and cost effectiveness in the way citizens are informed, engaged and influenced about issues that affect their lives – from health and education to benefits, rights and welfare”.

Yes. Quite. I prefer my description.

But Clarence is not a man who lives and works by any convictions, morals, principles, general beliefs or LOYALTIES. Clarence is a man for HIRE. For ANY cause, as long as the price is right.

It is telling, is it not, that the man, who was instrumental in formulating the Nu Labour marketing and communications as head of their ‘Media Monitoring’, should subsequently work for the , erm...CONSERVATIVES during their last Election campaign as erm.......Head of Media Monitoring?!

Like a mad scientist from a James Bond movie, Clarence is basically a man who is precision skilled in snooping on what a Nation thinks, controlling the information that leads them to think that way, then MODERATING said information in order to make them think in another way!

It is a sure FACT that the huge plethora of stories that appear in virtually every British publication, relating to Madeleine McCann, have either been penned by, or certainly OK’d, by Clarence Mitchell.

Every Maddie “sighting”, persistent theory of abduction, every tale of evil paedophile rings in far off lands; every detective, private investigator, super-sleuth and other assorted odd witnesses who appear in the press with the latest theory/evidence/experience about where Madeleine was, is or could be, would have received the Clarence seal of approval.

If you were to ask me 5 years ago whether I thought that any GROUP,( let alone an individual), would or COULD, ever be powerful or influential enough to curtail a globally popular Internet FORUM, to basically close it down, then I would have laughed.

Yet that is exactly what Clarence Mitchell did, at a stroke.

The MGM Mirror Group’s popular Forum, relating to Madeleine McCann, and subscribed to by an estimated several hundred thousand readers, disappeared without a trace and without warning, save for a brief, single line explanation about ‘abuse' issues.

At the time of its closing, I was told by a Mirror contributing journalist close to the Editor that officially the HOME Office had exerted pressure, but that it was, indeed, Mr. Mitchell who had been the successful applicant. (Mitchell has subsequently confirmed his role in closing down the Forum).

Such is the power and influence that the man exerts.

Here is a man who hangs his coat on any major news-line that comes along, enabling him to spread his own agenda. Any other poor soul unfortunate enough to suffer a missing or MURDERED child, (or missing/murdered person of ANY age), is sure to have their publicity hijacked by the “thoughts and prayers” of Kate and Gerry.

Any tale of people trafficking or child sex exploitation anywhere in the world is sure to be met with the assurance from Clarence that “Kate and Gerry are keeping an eye on developments”, intoning that such developments might lead them to Madeleine.

Not to worry if there aren’t any sufficiently reported tragedies taking place; Clarence will find another angle.

The ongoing saga of the Cell ‘phone Voice Mail ‘bugging’ escapades by the News of the World inspired our man! Despite there been absolutely no evidence to support it, and the fact that the Scotland Yard investigation has revealed nothing to validate it, Clarence is adamant that his Mobile Phone was bugged!

By whom and for what purpose he doesn’t exactly make clear, but it does give him the opportunity to spread several column inches about his clients across every journal that will listen.

And, maddeningly, they all love to listen to Clarence.

But I digress.

I have NEVER judged them, per se. Never passed comment on their general behavior, their demeanor, their curious and sometimes strange responses and reactions to questions posed to them.

I have never assumed anything untoward in their lack of genuine emotion, nor opined as to why Kate behaved the way that she did when being made an official Arguido, (not just the unanswered questions, but also certain irregularities relating to members of MI5 who were in attendance, according to Portuguese Intelligence officers).

OK, I DID make a comment about how lacking in conviction they made themselves look when they made an extensive Press Conference where the McCanns stated that they “would NOT leave Portugal without Madeleine”, 24 hours before being made official Arguidos and around 60 hours before, erm...........leaving Portugal without Madeleine.

But I have NEVER criticised or seriously questioned a specific act that either Kate or Gerry have undertaken.

Until now.

Claudia Lawrence, a 35 year old British woman, was last seen in March of 2009. The pain and trauma relating to her absence and to the uncertainty of her whereabouts must surely be immense for those who know her and to all whom Claudia means something.

Her fate is unknown.

On Sunday 27th February, a candle-lit vigil marking Claudia’s 37th Birthday was held at York Minster, presided over by the Archbishop of York.

Of course, it is true that in his local newspaper, Peter Lawrence, Claudia’s father, was reported as saying that he was “keen that other people who have had a relative or loved one go missing will attend the vigil – there is an open invitation.”

However, given that there is absolutely nothing, ostensibly, linking Madeleine McCann to Claudia Lawrence over and above the MANY thousands of other missing persons in the UK, a CYNICAL bastard might suggest that such an event merely presents a golden opportunity for Kate McCann to be photographed lighting a candle, pictured in every newspaper covering the event.

But such a vile publicity stunt would surely be way beyond the realms of what even Clarence and the McCanns would deem to be decency.

It would surely be beyond the limits of even the British Press, to allow such a poignant and sad vigil to be upstaged by using such a photo opportunity. It would never happen.


Oooer..I can hear my email INBOX bleeping already..........


  1. When I read the article in the local newspaper of Mr. Lawrence, I knew she would...but I love your blog and have no intention of saying what I feel about Kate McCann here. I am leaving now to go out into the fresh air.

  2. LOL!! I know that feeling! It was quite a difficult one for me to write, as it is difficult to comment on without potentially derogatising or offending the parents of Claudia Lawrence.

  3. Whilst I fully support your comments, I for one who was on the Mirror forum at the time the plug was pulled, was done over a few weeks of dirty tricks.
    It was not a question of complaint about the moderate level of discussion but the negative activies of a few, whoever was behind it, a responsible host had no alternative but to close.
    Dirty tricks yes, open clean and honest - NO.

    Great to read your comments again :)

  4. Excellent post, spudgun.

    Thank you!

  5. Keep up the good work Spudgun.Let right be done.

  6. great post spudgun and so true

    thank you.

  7. Well, Kate 'patron saint of missing children' McCann has a book to market remember? Needs must and all that...

    Very good article as always spudders! :)

  8. Spudgun you have your finger on the pulse!
    Keep it there and my regards to you, hentie

  9. Perfectly said as per usual !


  10. Well said Spudgun!
    When I saw that utterly predictable pic of Kate McCann, it made me nauseous. Just when you think they couldn't sink any lower, they achieve another all time high in lows.

    "Hey, what's that sound
    Everybody look what's goin' down ..."
    Oh, it's only the cynical clunk of Kate McCann's boots hitting yet another passing bandwagon ... (there'll be another one along in a minute).

    Keep on keeping on, Spudgun.
    From an ex-member of the Mirror Forum.

  11. Excellent piece .... covers everything pretty thoroughly I would say. Thank you, Spudgun.

  12. Spudgun your thoughts echo mine completely.If she had any decently she would have insisted that no photographs of her were published, as this was a vigil for Claudia not them. If she had any concern for this family, she would not have hijacked their chance of publicity to help in the search for Claudia, but as usual it's any opportunity to play the more deserving tragic victims than anyone else.

  13. Spudgun, many thanks for your blogs and haunting video. Have you ever thought of writing a book about the case? I'm sure it would outsell Kate's 'truthful' account.

  14. Thank you Spudgun.

    I am checking your blog every so often and just sigh when no update, and then I go and read the ones from before...again :)

    You are soo good ! Please keep it up, you have an amasing way to convey what I think and feel.

    Thank you.


  15. Hang ups, hang ups, hang ups. Tis such a shame that it keeps raising its ugly head to pour scorn on anything that can be associated with the McCann family.

    These green grounds are now flourishing. Pitchforking is no longer necessary.

    Would appear that Clarence Mitchell was a good choice!

  16. Rather like the point of my posting, Garth, I do NOT pour scorn on anything associated with the McCann family. Only certain, pertinent matters. You are more than welcome to deliberate and defend the McCanns here, I certainly shall not censor you. And yes, indeed, where one would want someone to perpetually stir, create untruths and generally spread crass disinformation, I can think of no finer practitioner than Clarence.

  17. You are absolutely right, only 'certain' matters pertinent to this case. Those 'certain' matters would only be those that pour scorn on the McCann family.

    No mention of the poor way in which the case was conducted by Goncalo Amaral.

    No mention of his previous conviction.

    No questions asked of the claims made in his book.

    Most of us are able to depart our political views and prejudices from this case and make a judgement in an unbiased and balanced manner.

    It would appear you are not.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. A few weeks after Madeleine went missing, distraught and grieving, although you wouldn’t believe it to look at them, the McCann’s still had presents of mind to setup a so called fund, figure that one out, the truth will out one day and hope all the people involved in this despicable cover-up are brought to justice

  20. @garth have you read the Police files on the case?
    Cadaver scent in the McCann's holiday apartment,on Kates clother's, in the hire car,
    I could go on and on, plenty of substantial evidence to support The McCann's involvment in Madeleine's disappearance, not one shred of evidence to support adduction

  21. Garth, you will have to help me out a little here. I am struggling to understand where I have ever written anything out of prejudice or Political bias? I am absolutely willing to listen and learn of any evidence of Amaral's "poor" handling of the case, and given that I have NEVER based any of my writings on his book, I see no point in "questioning" it, either. Given that you strongly assert to having a "balanced and unbiased" judgement, I would love to hear what it is, and on what basis you reached it. You may not like what I write, but my comments and opinions are based on actual evidence, not conjecture or supposition.

  22. Spudgun, with respect, please take time to read my post again.

    My point was very clear.

    And of course your ramblings are based on actual evidence and not conjecture or supposition. How else could one subscribe to the notion that this case is, and I quote, 'a very intricate and interwoven cornucopia of lies, deception and subterfuge, seemingly extending, (to a degree at least), to the very echelons of British Government'?

    So, and please do tell, what reason could be so sinister as to give cause to the British Government to deceive the very people it was elected to serve........all in the name of the McCanns?

    Of course, I'm being careful not to get politcal or show any prejudices here.

  23. I haven’t commented on this case for a long time but this story, regarding the vigil for Claudia Lawrence, reminded me why people are so sceptical about this couple. It’s hard to imagine that anyone would latch on to another family’s tragedy to gain publicity but Kate McCann seems to have no reservations about doing so. Her attendance at the vigil was yet another obvious PR stunt, as in 2010 when she hijacked Jimmy Mizen’s peace service at Westminster Cathedral. That service was meant to highlight teenage victims of violent crime but its aim was forgotten when the headlines became, once again, all about Kate McCann - her appearance there was almost certainly engineered by Clarence Mitchell.
    Although, since 2007, they’ve both regularly exploited other sad cases, Gerry McCann doesn’t appear to attend these particular events, maybe even he can’t stomach this aspect of the charade. I wonder what other members of the McCann/Healy families think of Kate McCann chasing bereaved, unfortunate parents in this way because, apart from anything else, it really is embarrassing. She’s fast becoming what Mitchell was described as; ‘an Angel of death’, popping up anywhere there’s tragedy and/or death.

    The McCanns are always very keen to be in the headlines, especially now that the book is due out in May. In the past two weeks we’ve had:

    Maddie in Dubai

    Maddie in America

    Human trafficking ring in Portugal

    Raymond Hewlett’s wife harassed in Germany accused, by McCanns, of withholding information

    Claudia Lawrence’s vigil

    PS: Is anyone aware that Ben Needham’s mum, Kerry, launched a petition two weeks ago in a quest to have Ben’s case reopened.
    It has hardly been mentioned in the media and so far has only 1000 signatures. What is wrong with our media?

  24. I couldn't help but chuckle to myself at the complete and utter ignorance of the ....erm, Anonymous posters comments. And I quote

    'It’s hard to imagine that anyone would latch on to another family’s tragedy to gain publicity.....'

    How about Tony Bennett
    How about Goncalo Amaral
    How about the author of this blogg?


  25. brilliant article Spudgun you are spot on, yours is the type of journalism that we should be reading in our National newspapers not the rubbish the mccanns peddle.
    Keep up the good work.

  26. Goog done, Spudgun!

  27. Who is this Garth imbocile/sycophant? Who's comments are clearly polarised on the side of negligent child abusers. Garth may I suggest you read the case files.

  28. He can't be the Garth of the last century's Daily Mirror comic strip. That Garth sought out villains to bring them to justice. Perhaps our Garth is just an 'Anti-Garth'and forgot to print the 'anti' bit.

  29. Garth I've just read your overview of the Truth of the Lie. It would be very helpf if you finished your blog so that we can assess where you are coming from. Thus far you are summarising that which is pretty much known and available from websites/ blogs that question the reliability of the witnesses statements. Much of which is derived from case files. Let us know when you can provide your completed essagy. Thank you.

  30. Garth. It is obvious that you are in a rented static caravan and on a holiday camp and that you like such environments. So how does a burly truck driver - I say that due to your ample muscled arms ever get to a computer?
    Debate is free to anyone and not dictatorial. That is not like playing cards as Nine Card Brag.

    I choose anonymous as police and Gerry know who I am of course. Not for deception of fear but due to the 'nuts' out there that use pretend identities that claim to 'hear voices'.

  31. Is this the Garth that used to ramble on at Anorak? What a moron! Why would he blindly support the McCanns I wonder? I presume he supports the McCanns because he fancie Kate! Would he seriously expect us to reveal our identities when we know that morons like him are loose?!

  32. Posted by garth 10 March 2011 14:06

    I couldn't help but chuckle to myself at the complete and utter ignorance of the ....erm, Anonymous posters comments. And I quote

    'It’s hard to imagine that anyone would latch on to another family’s tragedy to gain publicity.....'

    How about Tony Bennett
    How about Goncalo Amaral
    How about the author of this blogg?

    Garth, none of the above mentioned individuals have ever, to my knowledge, turned up at a vigil or memorial service held by the families of highly publicized missing or murdered people in order to draw attention to themselves - they have written about the case just as you have done. Kate McCann is well aware that her attendance at such high profile events will overshadow the occasion and detract from its purpose which, therefore, makes her presence nothing more than an obvious PR tactic to attract media attention.
    However, the real reason this case still attracts publicity is because many do not believe there ever was an abduction and the media capitalise on that scepticism. If it had been a straightforward abduction they would’ve lost interest long ago and though they appear supportive of the McCanns, it’s the controversial nature of this case that keeps them interested not the plight of an ‘abducted’ child. If the media were genuinely concerned about abducted/missing children why have they not given one inch of coverage to Kerry Needham’s current petition to reopen her son Ben’s case? And, almost 50 years on from the Moors Murders, they still love to report on Brady and Hindley yet they’ve failed to publicise elderly Winnie Johnson’s appeal to raise money for her search to find her son’s (Keith Bennett) body. As far as the McCann’s fund/appeals/petition are concerned there is no such reticence but then, imo, the McCann’s lawyers have well and truly nobbled the media - shame for the child though.

  33. Blooming right. When a child is missing or person, you have to search for a body and a killer as you cannot say they have been taken and not killed. It is not fact that a missing person is alive. It is due to the fact that as time goes by the issue of proof of life only exists in hope. Hope if there is no other reason to suspect foul play. 'They have taken her'. Who were 'they'?

    Ian Brady and Myra Hindley killed Keith Bennett. Kate McCann and the 'Fund' could supply a GPR system and those experts full time to look on the triagulation points that might find the body of murder victim Keith Bennett. But they will not.

    Nor will they seek to find Kate Prout, nor any other missing person in the list. Making paper posters and sending none experts into the frenzy of the image which is fake is downright stupid. It means those 'students' as kids in bars of the Student Union are the force for finding 'Maddy' as the baby in the 'scouse' baby in the red frock image. Nothing is further from the truth. The real image on tbe book should be the one with the sunhat. But then again this one is more photogenic.

    Justice will come. And Swift. It sometimes takes time, but as the persons who have the said keys to the jigsaw are nearer to the core of the apple let us see how real detective work is done then.

    Point last seen. 5A. Now, Doctor Watson where do we go from here?

  34. Personally I have never actually carried out a survey but I would hazard a guess that this case attracts publicity for many reasons, the main one being the ‘mystery’ surrounding Madeleine McCanns disappearance and not the ‘doubt’.

    Sadly, and it’s plain to see, many of those that do have that doubt carry baggage in the form of prejudices. Those prejudices are formed off the back of the same old ‘they should have known better because they were doctors’ mantra. And the result ……..jealousy, hate, call it what you like, further compounded by the overwhelming support the McCanns have had from celebrities to Government officials. Unfortunately these same people cannot, for the life of them, see that these prejudices blight any faculty of reason regarding this case.

    Why should I care what the McCanns do to keep the search for their daughter in the public eye, or more importantly, why should you?

    I hope this goes a little way into helping you understand why …………… but I have my doubts.

  35. That old chestnut again, that anyone who questions the events surrounding the disappearance of this child, must be jealous, hate them, or both.

    What a lot of nonsense.

  36. I don't see anyone questioning the events surrounding her disappearance. All I see is a cynical viewpoint based on what I have already stated.

    PS. Spudgun, thankyou for allowing me air my views on your blog. It keeps it healthy and balanced.

  37. garth,this you wrote.
    Why should I care what the McCanns do to keep the search for their daughter in the public eye, or more importantly, why should you.

    so can you tell us all where the mccanns are serching for Madeleine, i for one would love to know, is she in america or a hidden lair or any other of the places that Madeleine has been spotted in according to the mccanns,the mccanns are out and out liars and as you try to come over quite knowledgeable about this case perhaps
    you could tell us what questions need to be asked of the mccanns to hepl us find her

  38. Garth, I’ve read this type of reasoning before but it doesn’t make any sense at all. Why would anyone be jealous of a couple who have lost their child, surely that’s the worst thing that can happen to a parent and they are to be pitied, not envied - only those who put money above all else could possibly feel that way? I don’t think people hate the McCann’s either. What they do hate though, is being lied to and they don’t believe the McCann’s story because it isn't credible. Peoples’ feelings about the McCann’s are similar to their feelings about politicians but with the huge distinction that this ‘lie ’is all about the fate of a young child.

  39. Jealousy often consists of a combination of presenting emotions such as anger, sadness, and disgust.

    And lies......what lies?

    And incredible story......... or do you mean their beliefs based on their findings? I think we need to get things into perspective before we start making baseless accusations.

  40. Amaral is dead ......

  41. Worth reading.......and taking a little note!

  42. All my friends who havent been trawling through the PJ files has always said the Mccanns are innocent of "any" wrongdoing although they have stated that they "seem to be on the news a lot" but once they actually read up properly about the "limited company" and the "trademark" and the fact that the "fund" is actually for legal purposes and supporting the Mccanns they are all of the same opinion as I and many others. Spudgun provides us a service with giving us accurate information on the case (and it's protagonists) and we can usually check if his information is correct.

    Again I chose to be anonymous simply because I come up against a lot of stick from on Twitter etc.

  43. To Garth: Just to clarify, Gonçalo Amaral did not conduct the investigation, his job was that of coordinator not chief investigator. BTW this concept does exist in Portugal, as any criminal investigation is under the authority of the "procurador" and no policeman can carry out any diligences without the authorisation of the judge. All investigations follow rigid, almost ritualistic bureaucratic standards which must always be adhered to in order to prevent any case being thrown out.

  44. If you really are a working journalist, you would benefit from the services of a sub-editor to assist you in coming to a more balanced exposition, the slant of the article isn't corrected by a couple of remarks about 'not judging'.

    As you will have surmised, I remain unswayed by your underlying argument.

  45. Although you say you are not and have ever actually accused the McCanns of anything in relation to the loss of their daughter, you are really writing weasel words, quite probably lacking the moral courage to come out and say what you really think. Perhaps, your alleged profession in journalism has made you somewhat more alive to the risks of libel than is the case with some of those who support the views concealed in your writing. The really sad part in the whole thing is the absence of any reference to the concept of innocence until proved guilty in the less than subtle inferences in your blog. That is what makes it notable - not the mock outrage that you seek to espouse.

  46. @Anonymous. I don't need a sub editor. I don't write. I'm a shit writer. Which is why I blog, like most other 'failed' writers. I don't give a fig what the McCanns did or didn't do. My concerns lie with the fact that we have a well oiled machine, Press, celebrities and seemingly Government members who insist in peddling a line which doesn't hold up to scrutiny. You're free to believe what you want. As am I. If you want to get vociferous and peddle the same lines then get a blog.

  47. Garth is Gerry McCann.

  48. A Garth used to write on Sky discussion boards,and was a bully ,& he never said anything that made any sense ,he would just insult ,if anyone questioned the 'abduction' line he'd call them dopey or a nutter,tbh he was a loudmouth.

  49. I wonder if Garth, whoever he is has other priorities that we will never be able to understand. If we knew more about his childhood and upbringing we might be more able to get inside his mind and what drives him to think the way he does. Maybe the great Clarence knows more about him and would like to analize him.

  50. Spud, Your reasoning is excelent and I aplaude you for it. Can you please try something I don't believe has to my knowledge ever been done. Please sumise that a kidnapping has taken place and..... someone very high up in the Government in the UK is involved. What would they do to ...keep it secret?.. or worst supress it and stay alive to .... didly some more... If anyone could do that type of reverse analzse you could,,, but be carefull when you cross the street or park you car in your driveway. Please.