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Monday, 14 March 2011

Kate's Book Madeleine: No.1 in Bestseller FICTION list

Perhaps above all other cases, that of the missing girl, Madeleine McCann is enshrouded in the greatest tragedy and MYSTERY.

Irrespective of what actually happened to the little girl, the facts surrounding her disappearance and current whereabouts are not only unknown, but in the absence of any illuminating evidence or dramatic discovery, quite possibly will remain so for ever more.

The movements, behaviour and comments of her parents, Kate and Gerry McCann on the night of Madeleine’s disappearance, together with those of their friends, have been the subject of much conjecture and speculation since May 2007.

Newspapers, both here and in Portugal, have previously suggested that the course of events as explained and propagated by what has come to be, disaffectionately, known as ‘TEAM McCANN’, did not stand up to scrutiny.

Contradictions galore, non-corroboration of ‘Tapas members’ statements and bizarre, inexplicable behaviour led some to suggest that the McCanns and their Holidaying compatriots were hiding something.

The PORTUGUESE Police, the previously World respected and renowned Polícia Judiciária, were rather less circumspect. Their report of September 2007 by Tavares de Almeida, then Chief Inspector, concluded, (amongst other things), that:

Madeleine McCann died in the Holiday apartment on 3rd May 2007.

A staged HOAX abduction took place.

The McCanns were involved in the concealment of the corpse of their daughter.

Of course, we now know this statement must be wrong. We know this because the then Police Inspector in charge of the investigation, Goncalo Amaral, was SACKED, after complaining about BRITISH Government “interference” in the case, enabling the British newspapers to clarify the whole matter and explain to us that he is, in fact, a “Boozy Porto Plod” and is forever to be referred to as that “Disgraced Maddie Cop”.

We also know that this Report must be untrue because that nice man Richard Desmond, (proprietor EXPRESS newspapers, amongst others) who decided to reprint some of the Portuguese Press’s reporting’s on the case, based on this PJ report, then went on to GIFT the McCann’s and their friends almost a MILLION POUNDS STERLING between them, ALL of which ended up in the Kate & Gerry fund... (SORRY...I mean the ‘Looking for Madeleine’ fund).  

Desmond, a man who enjoys a reputation as a rather FEARLESS and FEARSOME individual had his newspapers explain that there was in fact “no evidence whatsoever” to support the theory that the McCanns were involved in Madeleine’s death or her disappearance, specifying that they were “completely innocent of any involvement”

Along with the cash settlements, (for an Action that never even reached the jurisdiction of the Courts), the newspapers also included endless front page apologies, an act described as “unprecedented”, by Media commentator Roy Greenslade.

(Curiously, despite the fact that MANY OTHER journals and publications printed identical, and in some cases, FAR MORE inflammatory comments, they escaped both censure and litigation.)

And of course, we also know that Tavares de Almeida’s statements must be wrong because after Mr. Amaral was sacked and replaced, the ENTIRE PORTUGUESE POLICE AUTHORITIES were sacked by ‘Team McCann’, and replaced by those world renowned sterling crime fighters, Metodo 3, led by Senior Detective Clarence Mitchell.  

Mitchell’s frequent Press Conferences pleaded for information about a whole plethora of bizarre, contrived characters, plagiarised from that week’s tabloid paedophile story or courtesy of some never previously reported witness who had suddenly remembered some crucial bogey man or malevolent looking individual(s). 

 This, remarkably, in turn then coerced Jane Tanner into a moment of clarity; enabling Clarence to report that she believed these new ‘suspects’ to resemble the person Jane had witnessed carrying, what she believed to be Madeleine, away from the apartment on the night of May 3rd.  

Of course, Ms. Tanner’s testimony itself has long been the subject of scrutiny and discussion, not least because when she first spoke to the police about the ‘abductor ‘ she alleges to have seen,  she stated that she was unsure as to whether he was carrying anything or not. Some Month’s later however, she recalled that not only was he carrying something, but someONE, and that it was a little GIRL. 

Wearing PYJAMAS identical to the one’s Madeleine was supposed to have been wearing!

Of course, in any other circumstances, this ‘testimony’ (to which the Portuguese Authorities never afforded any significance or reliability), would be of only minor relevance, an incongruous anomly, were it not for the FACT that Tanner’s sighting forms the ONLY EVIDENCE that an abduction took place at all.

Fortunately for all concerned, not LEAST for the investigation, Jane was afforded the opportunity to clarify all these seeming inconsistencies and glaring contradictions in her ever-changing evidence, when she was interviewed by Leicestershire Police in April 2008. When asked to describe the man she saw in detail, she stated, (verbatim):

“You see, this is where, now, I'm really... I don't even know whether it's worth doing this, because there's been so much since then. I've had the... when they took me round for the surveillance to look at... and I'm guessing now it's MURAT they wanted me to look at and, you know.........all the other bits and bobs, I really don't know, but I think I'd prefer just to stick with what I said in my original statement, in terms of the... because, even... I mean, this is coming back to the sketch, even when I did the sketch, by that stage, you know, things were... were murky..... I needed to do that sketch that first night, I mean, they took me in to do the sketch, but they only had, errm... front facing software, know... and at that point I said, you know, is there?... can I do?... because the clothes and everything was the thing... was the thing that was the most in my mind then and I can remember saying to the chap I met on the stairs earlier......”

All clear? Good.

But of course, the MAIN reason why we know that Tavares de Almeida’s report is wrong is because in June 2008, the Portuguese produced another, FINAL report, as presented to the Attorney General, (although, remarkably, this didn’t mention that it invalidated the first, ‘interim’ report and in fact used much of its original content, without the specific conclusions of Almeida, of course).

This is THE report, according to ‘Team McCann’and the British Newspapers and Media ,that “Clears” the McCanns of any involvement in the disappearance of their daughter. We know this because Clarence perpetually refers to this report whenever he wishes to reinforce his client’s innocence. 

Tabloid AND Broadsheet headlines such as “Madeleine McCann police clear Kate & Gerry as they shelve case” (The Telegraph); “Kate and Gerry McCann cleared over Madeleine disappearance” (Sunday Times); “Kate and Gerry in clear” (The People) and  “Portugals TOP COP set to clear Kate and Gerry” (The SUN), are pretty unequivocal in their message: that the Portuguese finally admit what the British Press, the McCanns themselves and their supporters have been saying all along, which is that Kate and Gerry had no involvement in the disappearance of their daughter and that the Portuguese Authorities were very clearly the inept, “bungling Porto plod” that they were frequently described as.


That’s not quite the truth. It IS true that this report, (which lifted the arguido status of the McCanns, along with Robert Murat), concludes: “despite all that has been done and in spite of all our efforts and lines of enquiry, it has not been possible to obtain a solid and objective conclusion about what really happened that night, nor about the present location of Madeleine”. 

(It also clearly illustrates and DEMONSTRATES the HUGE and hardworking efforts made by the Authorities and the Portuguese people to try and find Madeleine, including securing the apartment, roadblocks, house to house searches and an account of ALL the intelligence and sightings that passed through their offices, unquestionably refuting the claims by ‘Team McCann’, their friends and the British Press that the Police were useless and ‘bungling’).

It is only recently that I have actually paid any real attention to this publically available report. My nefarious mind had previously concluded that it wouldn’t be worth reading as it was likely to have been written, at least in consultation with, and possibly agreed by, Senior Detective Clarence Mitchell.

However, it is abundantly clear, after having studied the document to any appreciable degree, that one must question exactly WHICH passages the British Media are referring to when they assert that the report “Clears” the McCann’s and their friends of any wrongdoing. 

In fact, one might question whether they have actually read the report at all, or have in fact read a DIFFERENT report. 

For I can think of no other explanation for them NOT addressing the following facts:

The report makes VERY clear that there were “inconsistencies” surrounding the evidence and testimonies of the McCanns and their friends, and that these inconsistencies could have been easily highlighted and addressed were it not for the “un-cooperation from several, relevant witnesses”.
It goes on to say that the Portuguese strove for a re-construction or “reconstitution” of KEY events, but that they could not as “some of the key members of the McCann holiday group” were unwilling to return to do so.

The report goes on to specify that there were CLEAR inconsistencies and irregularities with some of the statements provided by the McCanns and their friends, thus the need for a reconstruction, particularly in relation to Jane Tanners’ statements relating to her alleged sighting of a “supposed abductor”, specifically noting that at the precise same time, Gerry McCann and TV Producer Jeremy Wilkins were in the very same “narrow confines of space”, yet neither man saw either Tanner OR the alleged abductor.

The report ALSO suggests that a reconstruction was necessary to pinpoint HOW and WHEN an abductor could possibly have struck, given the regularity and frequency of the checks being made on the children, as asserted by the McCann’s and their friends. The report CLEARLY doubts not only this testimony, but also the ability of ANY abductor to enter and exit the apartment as proposed by the McCanns, through the small window of the apartment in the manner being suggested, whilst carrying a child.

More importantly, it suggests that the events as suggested by the McCanns and their friends contained  inconsistencies and irregularities relating to the WHOLE period spanning from around 5.30pm on the evening in question,(“the last time at which Madeleine and her siblings were seen by anyone other than her parents”), up until around 10pm when Madeleine was reported missing.

The Police’s dissatisfaction over the account of the events on May 3rd was, probably, partially because of, as is included in the documents, a “typed report produced by the McCann holiday group after a detailed joint meeting between them all. This report of theirs deals with their recollections about the events of the evening of 3rd May”

(The inference being that the McCanns and their friends submitted, as testimony to the investigation, their accounts of the night Madeleine was reported missing, AFTER they had all got together to discuss it and formulate it beforehand!)

But for ME, the biggest mystery of all relating to the ignoring by the media of this report lies in the inarguable evidence as unearthed by the specialist Enhanced Victim Recovery Dogs.

Although the report makes clear that these “canine markings”, made by Eddie and Keela, the famous specialist ‘Cadaver’dogs, were NOT corroborated by the FINAL FSS Laboratory results, :(“the material collected was not identified to pertaining to anyone specific”); it is OBVIOUS that the Portuguese WERE initially advised of a match to Madeleine McCann by the FSS, (SKY’s Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt was advised of a 100% Match to Madeleine, and reported as much on television, as did most other journals and media outlets with varying degrees of percentile match).

BUT the mere fact that these dogs ACCURATELY and UNQUESTIONABLY scented sources of cadaverine and other biologic materials in the McCanns apartment, their hire car and on the McCanns personal belongings, and ONLY IN AND ON THOSE PLACES and in NO OTHER APARTMENTS, CARS OR OBJECTS, is surely deserving of the attention of even the most obtuse journalist.

But NOW, it seems, there IS hope.

After years of “scurrilous allegations” *, “unhelpful and hurtful comments” * and “ludicrous speculation” *, (*©Copyright C. Mitchell), we are, it seems finally going to get THE, definitive, factually accurate and honest account of what really took place in Praia da Luz during that fateful summer of 2007.
In what is being billed as an “account of the truth” by KATE McCANN, the Daily Mail reports that “THE true story of Madeleine McCann's disappearance is set to be revealed in an explosive new book billed as the publishing sensation of the year”. 


I’m pretty sure that Richard Desmond must be trying to exact a little tongue-in-cheek revenge for his own, previously referred to, expensive publishing’s on the McCann case, for according to the Daily Express, Kate’s reasons for writing the book were “simple. To give an account of the truth.” However, the paper includes this statement directly adjacent to its note that Kate was signing, a “Multi-million pound publishing deal”.

So what can possibly be so “explosive” in this account? What secrets are set to be “sensational”? What is Kate set to REVEAL, in the book described in another tabloid as the book that is “set to reveal all”?

At the risk of ruining the plot for those set to form suitable and orderly queues outside their book stores, or those placing orders with their Newsagents to reserve their copies of the newspapers who are paying HUGE sums for the serialisation rights, I’m going to hazard an educated guess and propose a synopsis :-

1. The Portuguese Police are useless.

2. Madeleine was kidnapped, probably by a paedophile(s), or by someone on behalf of a paedophile(s).

3. The Portuguese police tried to frame Kate and Gerry.

4. Madeleine is alive, and will one day be reunited with her family, (as long as kind people and celebrities continue to send donations, items for auction and other forms of financial backing or pecuniary advantage).

5. The Portuguese Police are useless.

6. Erm...that’s it.

What the book probably will NOT contain, are any explanations or answers regarding the innumerable questions that many followers of this case might care to ask. 

Questions, perhaps, relating to shutters.
Broken or jemmied? Open or closed?
Windows open or closed?
Open or closed balcony doors?
Open or closed FRONT doors?
Doors closed and locked or doors closed and UNLOCKED?

All were testified to during those first interviews, (the breaking of the shutters aspect being widely broadcast and published during interviews with the McCanns’ relatives) but given that Kate made the discovery that her daughter was missing, SHE and only she knows for certain.

Nor, no doubt, will Kate probably explain WHY, when confronted with the IRREFUTABLE “canine markings” of the specialist dogs that detected the scent of BOTH cadaverine and biological fluids, signalling a DEAD human body, did the McCanns contact the lawyers of a man charged with murder who “successfully challenged sniffer dog evidence”, for advice.

Rather than break down uncontrollably at the revelation suggesting that their daughter had died in the apartment?

Perhaps Kate will also enlighten us as to why, in the dead of night, she clearly thought that the best person to find Madeleine would be a Roman Catholic priest?

And given that the McCanns have acquired something of a predilection for writing regularly to a whole host of celebrities and other individuals for DONATIONS, their latest fundraiser involving BAGS being donated by famous owners for a recently held auction to raise monies for their cause, (to which Kylie Minogue was a donor); perhaps Kate will touch on that famous BLUE tennis BAG of their own, a holdall that the Portuguese were so anxious to trace after it went missing.

The one that Martin Brunt’s documentary insisted “could hold the key to Madeleine’s disappearance”.
The one whose whereabouts BRITISH police tried to ascertain in subsequent Rogatory questioning of ‘Tapas’ members.

The one that that appeared in the photograph of the McCann apartment, as presented to Kate by the Portuguese Police, on the occasion she elected NOT to answer any one of the infamous “48 questions”.

The one that Clarence Mitchell insists NEVER EXISTED. “Gerry has never owned such a bag. As far as Kate and Gerry are concerned, there is no missing tennis bag. They came back from holiday with everything except of course, tragically, Madeleine”, he explains.

I have absolutely no doubts that Kate is going to regale us with horrendous stories about how she was pressured by the Portuguese Police, about that famous plea bargain deal, (as explained by Philomena McCann), that would see her serving a lighter sentence if she confessed to having been involved in Madeleine’s death.

But I equally have absolutely no doubt that she categorically WON’T explain the one thing that resulted in her being made an Arguida in the first place. The one that EVERY single Media outlet either completely missed, or elected NOT to probe or question. 

The one FACT that is there, in black and white, in the FINAL report. The report that Clarence swears by and the one that ‘Team McCann’ adhere to when explaining their complete innocence.

The one that appears under the Policia Judiciaria’s reasons for making the McCanns suspects:

“Kate Healy was not immediately made an arguida, but merely interviewed voluntarily as a witness. Only after her interview was she made an arguida, that is, after she was confronted with concrete facts that might lead to her incrimination”

“...concrete facts that might lead to her incrimination” ???
Do tell, Kate. What were these “concrete facts” that you were confronted with?

No doubt Kate will include in her writings the countless sleepless nights she experiences on a regular basis. 

The lying awake, thinking. 

Doubts, fears? Remorse. Guilt? Perhaps.

Perhaps also a touch of worry and concern? Worry at not knowing exactly what is in those other thousands of documents that the Portuguese still cling to? Or perhaps, given your seemingly endless number of friends in very high places, concern because you DO know what is in those documents?

As has always been, and perhaps always WILL be in this case; the questions keep on mounting, but the answers come not.

So, to conclude, I’m going to answer one of the questions that Kate will almost CERTAINLY answer herself, in her book. The question as to WHY she has persistently refused, (along with her husband and friends), to partake in a reconstruction?

Kate is going to say tell us she doesn’t trust the bungling, useless Portuguese Police; a force that, not only tried to “frame” her and her husband,  but failed to properly look for the person(s), who kidnapped her daughter. 

She is, no doubt, going to cite all the ‘evidence’ as obtained by Metodo 3, along with all the other dubious ‘detective agencies’, ex-special policemen and ‘Team McCann’ Media consultants POSING as ex- special policemen; evidence and suspects as printed in every paper in the UK ranging from Third World paedophile rings who “snatch to order”, to known dead convicted sex offenders who had a secret that they never quite confessed to.

The answer she ISN’T going to give is this one:

You can’t reconstruct a lie. You can’t reconstitute an illusion. Like all magic tricks, you can only ever show it to your audience once, or they will quickly work out how you did it.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.....................


  1. its only enshrouded in tragedy and mystery because the mccanns and tapas mates refuse to tell the truth, lying scum they all are, and i think that where ever Madeleine is she is better of than living with this pair

  2. When you write, you write, only one thing you left out which makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. The cot and moving it from their room and placing it in the room they claim Madeleine slept in,'staging'there is no other word for it.

    Still, looking on the bright side they can only keep this 'family business' going for another ninety years, law of average Madeleine would be dead by then, 98 years old and the twins not far behind her. Unless, the McCanns PI's grandchildren (listen carefully because it gets complicated) who would be sure to take over the case find new evidence to prove Madeleine had a child, would the new McCann generation then be searching for their niece or nephew? Would the McCann clan have a new photfit of what 'our Maddies' child may look like now...this could run and run. It is a good feeling to know I will no longer be around, being McCanned once in anyones lifetime is quite enough .

    Great article, many thanks for making us realise this IS really happening.

  3. One more point, while reading the injustice of a family who have fought for 24 years to put the murderer of Daniel Morgan behind bars, made me also think of Madeleine and the tapas seven, how can they live with themselves, how can they ?


    Alastair Morgan remarked laconically on Friday that the only hope now for the murderers to end up in jail would be if one of them "finds God".

    No investigation of a murder which was bursting with clues and motives should ever need divine intervention..

  4. What a brilliantly researched and well composed piece, well done and keep up the great work, it is no more than Team McCann deserve, but what has happened to hapless Gerry? Is he smarting from the wounds of losing against his arch enemy, Mr Goncalo Amaral, and just to put the lid on it, having to pay Goncalo's costs from his (I mean Madeleine's) Fund? Never mind Gerry at least you have jobless Kate to try and reconcile the family finances and that massive mortgage on Rothley Towers. What a tower of strength she must be eh!

  5. There is no mystery whatsoever in the case of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. Just ask the McCann's first Portuguese lawyer, Carlos Pinto de Abreu. Maybe one day he will tell the world what happened on the 6th of September of 2007.

  6. I think Gerry McCann has been put on the back burner to help the sales of the book and the mother brought forward ,as she out of the two, ( both put peoples noses out of joint the minute they open their mouths, Gerry McCann breaks mine where as Kate just dislodges) TRANSWORLD hope may soften the public view and regain some doe from their very big mistake.

    Madeleine ,I believe died in a simple domestic accident, it happens every day , not reported because it is so common. I also believe because of Madeleines sleep disorder she was sedated and family and friends were aware of this. Madeleines death had nothing to do with her being drugged but a PM would have revealed this and as we now know PJ suspected the twins were drugged without knowing of Madeleines condition.

    With Madeleines body and sedation evident the twins and the rest of the groups children would have been tested, had all proven positive one can imagine the fallout and all would have lost their children. If you search the Internet there are doctors who readily admit to sedating their children on flights and long car journeys, they are arrogant and claim we are doctors and know what we are doing. The drugging of children is sadly a part of todays 'modern'lifestyle for some ' to get a bit of peace' and yes the group did know what they were doing and the children were quite safe with the amount given.

    The McCanns are manipulative and to this day the group will be forever grateful to their friends the McCanns for sacrificing their lives so no one would know about sedating small children.

  7. Does anyone really know what happened that night ?

    One thing is for sure the only two INDEPENDENT WITNESSES are
    JW (talking to Mr McCann) at the same time of JTs alleged sighting
    Smith family

    One could say JW saw nothing, i.e. JT so she couldn't have seen anything. Thus leaving only the Smith family sighting - and I'll not even bother to add what Mr Smith - later implied.

    But that aside, in the timeline MO (member of group) checked on the McCann children after the apparent JT sighting (for the uninformed) and saw or heard nothing untoward.

    Can the book answer these questions?

    Since one thing is for sure up for sure
    Smith family
    Remain tight lipped!


  8. As always, an excellent Article Spudgun, such a
    pity you are not being paid by Desmond to do a
    thorough investigation and come up with enough
    new info to re-open the Case.

  9. But MO slipped up, unless he is colour blind, the curtains in the childrens room he claimed were yellow /green when in fact they are pink/blue in shade. This leads me to believe dopey MO who had never entered apartment 5a in his life assumed all rented accomodation had the same decor.

  10. As someone who has followed this case from day one on first The Sun forum until they closed it after being threatened by the parents of Madeleine..since then several of us have been members of a closed forum..where we have kept up to date with all news concerning the case

    May I add the facts that neither parent joined all the locals and police searching for Madeleine that whole night and that gerry played Tennis next day after the child disappeared...while Kate went jogging.

    Would YOU if it was YOUR child? A Picture of them coming from Mass shortly after...all smiles makes my blood curdle...

    Also another female doctor came forward telling of being on holiday previously with the mccanns and hearing Gerry and Payne discussing Madeleine in a sexual manner while making sexual gestures!! We dont know what happened to that info it seems nobody acted on it...why not???

    I could sit here for hours discussing this there is so much that people who didnt follow the case online don't know...However if anyone is interested we have recieved so much info from a portugese site which logs all the info ever published about the case its worth a long read:

  11. Spud Gun, may I congratulate you on a very well written article. I agree with you about the book. I hope however, that it will be their nemesis, downfall, over throw, ridicule and end. Game, set and match.


  12. A friend said yesterday: "The book is taking up nearly all Kate's time." (Sunday Express)

    Even the book cover tells a lie:
    '... and the continuing search for her.'

  13. Saffy51 said...

    'May I add the facts that neither parent joined all the locals and police searching for Madeleine that whole night and that gerry played Tennis next day after the child disappeared...while Kate went jogging'.

    LOL hilarious


  14. Spudgun, see what you're doing, they actually believe all this nonsense lol.

  15. garth - tell me what is so funny - does the truth hurt?


  16. What's funny is the poster of the above quoted nonsense actually believes it. And it would appear you do as well!

  17. yes i do find the abuction theory hilarious ...cant stop laughing at the muppets who believe that if ...enough to make your sides split.

    above lists some of the points that make it so funny.

    nevermind theres one born every day they say!


  18. Try ' one born every MINUTE' dopey. ....and going on your post there most certainly is! lol

  19. Spudgun, surely even you can see, the intellect of some of your avid supporters leaves a lot to be desired.

  20. garth.

    Surely there is not one born every minute who would believe the abuction theory.

    On the law of averages there cant be that many stupid people.

    I would have thought one a day would be correct in that context!

    however going on your post/s you might be right...well done ....seems youve just joined the minute club.


  21. Seems to me you're rather adept at twisting things to suit your cause. Not clever, just plain ignorant.

    Bennett appears silent......lets see you help him to twist out of this......should be good!

    And Spudgun, it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on Goncalo Amaral after the recent conviction, especially as this person conducted the search into the disappearance of a little British girl and especially as you appear hell bent on lambasting her parents!

  22. garth.
    Twisting things? please!

    This whole case has been twisted by the Mccanns and their supporters ...Fact!

    Can you answer direct questions or is your approach to twist....lets see.

    1. Do YOU believe it is ok to leave 3 children under the age of 4 alone - whilst you go for dinner?

    if you believe that 1/2 hour checks make this method of childcare reasonable - please attach statements that the group made - lets analyze if they are feasible?

    heres your chance to set the truth free - no twists.

    lets begin at the beginning - nice and slowly.


  23. viv..

    Pay the costs of the case they lost from madeleines fund?

    In the early stages of this outrageous case the "board" of the fund said that they would not be paying any legal fee's from the fund ! but had kind supporters/friends that were donating for "legal costs".
    It was however said that legal avice had been taken and the fund legally could pay for the costs - with the provision it was REPAID if they were convicted/lost the case????

    so they have to pay from their own purse would be my understanding.

    please advise ?


  24. I'll give you some advice.......why don't you challenge my original post ridiculing the claim that the McCanns went jogging and played tennis the day after their daughter went missing.

    And if you want to have a sensible discussion about any of your other misgivings, instead of hijacking this blog you can do it here:

  25. Garth.
    advice noted.

    I rest my case lol.

    Its so obvious that our media is accurate also -in everthing they print and say - lets for a second scroll to the picture of the Tapas crew above - all accurately labelled lololol- what a farce - where do you people come from?

    spudgun - whoever you are - good on you! - the world needs more like you.

  26. Garth.

    In respect to challenging your post...about the jogging and playing tennis.

    Let me say this ...there is a theory that Madeleine died on the 2nd - the theory carries some weight - in which case the statement would be wholly correct.
    If has others conclude she died on the 3rd - the day that Kate was Jogging and Gerry playing tennis - then it is incorrect in terms of the day. However it does not change the fact that they could have been doing these activities-before,during or after the death of Madeleine on the 3rd- and to give the impression that everthing was okay to surrounding guests - whilst the wheels were in motion behind the scenes.
    It is possible that Madeleine incurred an injury that although not instantly tragic - ultimately became so. ie sustained on a previous date resulting in death on the 3rd.

    The truth will prevail of that be sure!

    I genuinely want to see Justice for the Innocent 3 year old child named Madeleine....Do You?

    I have tried to answer your post - lets see do you have it in you to oblige by answering mine?


  27. ps forgot to mention also in Kate Mccanns released diary - i believe on the log for the 14th of may - it states something along the lines of going jogging for the first time since the day!

    it is written in a way that could easily be perceived as meaning they jogged on that day too, infact it demonstrates how easy words can mislead.

    anyway ive tried to explain the above - i wonder why you dont seem so ready to jump on all the mccanns comments.

    hang on someones jemmied my windows up ....must phone sky...

    back later


  28. Mojo,(more like mumbo jumbo)

    You seriously are deluded!

    What weight indicating an accident before May 2nd are we talking about here now lol?

  29. garth..
    It is you who are deluded and more!
    so listen up darth vader more like - take your disruption elsewhere.

    you have made no attempt to answer my question - i have tried to explain how the poster who made the comment may have been thinking.

    you make NO attempt to explain the unforgiveable of leaving the children becuase you know the mccanns were wrong..period.

    I pity you - you defend the indefensible ...this was a 3 y/o innocent child - remember your role when the truth is out - that is all i will add.

    ps it says the 2nd - if you read.

    and who said anything about an accident ?


  30. Thanks mojo, you are great.
    a reader

  31. You are funny!

    I'm not sure what relevance my opinion on the McCanns baby sitting arrangements has got to do with my ridiculing a posters claim that they played tennis and went for a job the day after their daughter went missing.

    Yes, you attempted to explain (and well done!)but to be honest, it's about as believable as Elvis Presley being spotted in a chip shop in Bradford.........if you get my drift?!!

  32. Incidentally 'job' was meant to read 'jog' ....before any other rumours start flying around............ nudge nudge wink wink

  33. A very clear, concise article. It's the only one about the McCanns I've been able to read all the way through this morning.

    Things go quiet and I forget what I've learnt about the case in the past and you've just reminded me about all the inconsistencies. The only problem is, who is going to actually look into them properly and sort the whole thing out?

  34. Garth

    Madaline is dead, no sorry Maddie is dead Madaline is alive, if you know what I mean.

  35. I cant find any info of the use of the child safety gate on that fatefull night...Mathew Oldfield and Kate used the patio doors but before you get to them you need to open the child safety gate but there is no mention of the use of them...???

  36. How the McScums are not in jail is beyond comprehension....The UK is rotten to the core.

  37. This 'garth' chracter was eventually removed from the Jill Havern forum for disruption.
    Talks absolute bollocks to divert attention from his child killing idols obvious guilt.
    Probably a family member.

    1. Oh I see because he dares challenge all you trolls he gets called a family member!! Pathetic

  38. Bang on Spudgun the McCann's are a disgrace to parenting they abandoned 3 under 4year old children to go out boozing at best,at worst something far far more chilling

    1. am fed up with the assumption that they were out getting drunk, they were eating dinner, and NO it wasn't a good idea to leave the kids unattended but they DID but leave them alone now and concentrate on finding out what happened to Madeleine. One minute youre saying theyre bad parents because they left them then youre saying they killed her, SO MAKE YOUR MINDS UP YOU MORONS

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  40. I don't know how any of you can possibly KNOW all the facts to this case, youre not police, or lawyers, and targeting a family who have lost a child is just plain cruel

  41. I think they were out searching, in Kate's book it says they were frustrated because they were the ONLY ones out there searching