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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The McCanns Strength & Determination

The strength and determination you have shown throughout is remarkable."

These were the words that the Prime Minister, David “Call me Dave” Cameron reserved for Kate and Gerry McCann after they had apparently sent him a LETTER, imploring his personal intervention in ordering a review of the case involving their missing daughter.

Those words could equally have been applicable to any number of people who make up what has come to be dis-affectionately known as 'Team McCann', whose support and dedication appear limitless.

Certainly, the “strength and determination” of Brian Kennedy, whose elaborate intervention and finances have perpetuated Team McCanns efforts is “remarkable” indeed. Not only has the Multi-Millionaire financed MANY of the McCann exploits over the past few years, (and indeed, continues to DO so); but he has frequently and quite systematically taken it upon himself to interfere in many witnesses to the Madeleine McCann case, including Robert Murat, at a time when he was an official Arguido, to a degree where a number of the witnesses concerned expressed that they were effectively being harassed.

Remarkable determination also, in consistently donating hundreds and hundreds of THOUSANDS of Pounds to an assortment of dubious “Detective Agencies”, including the infamous Metodo 3 whose operatives were flown all over the world in pursuing fake and fabricated sightings and tales of ‘Kidnap to order’ gangs in the mountain ranges of Morocco, to ‘paedophile rings’ in Saudi Arabia.

At least Kevin Halligen, awaiting trial for a $2 Million Dollar fraud in the US, elected NOT to bow down to the Dictats of Kennedy,  ignoring his convoluted instructions to fabricate and create, preferring to merely drink away the estimated £500,000 PLUS that HE pocketed.

“Remarkable strength and determination” are what one would find etched through the very core of spinner extraordinaire Clarence Mitchell, like the shaky lettering in Seaside rock candy, were one to break him in two!

Here is a man who has made a most successful career moulding and controlling the populations’ thoughts and notions, through his guise at the “Media Monitoring Unit”; a man so malleable and changeable, so utterly devoid of any belief, principle of moral that he has been a most effective Electioneer for both the Labour Party AND THE CONSERVATIVES!!

Whatever the message, Clarence is your man to spread it. (As long as the price is right).

But the “Strength and Determination” prize for the Decade must surely be awarded to that irascible old Mogul, Rupert Murdoch. For it merely only needed a single page in his most popular UK organ, the ‘Sun’, highlighting the ‘Letter’ from the McCanns imploring the Prime Minister for help, (Gerry McCann thoughtfully commenting that, seeing as Cameron had suffered anguish over the death of his six-year-old son Ivan in 2009,: ‘He will understand what we’ve gone through.”),
then the mighty forces of the British Government, its Metropolitan Police and its Home Office were mobilised, promising to “review” the whole evidence in the case.

Or, as “Britain’s Soaraway ‘SUN’”puts it:

“Yard will Hunt Missing Clues”.

If the ‘YARD’ proves anywhere near as strong and determined, they shouldn’t have too far to look for them. Then again, given that the PORTUGUESE are, as yet, stating that they have NOT been approached by the British authorities in the matter, then perhaps they’ll rather need more than strength and determination to come up with anything.

For me, I prefer to afford the words, “Strength and Determination” to the decent people of Portugal. The people whose lives, jobs and industries have been blighted because of continual derogating by the British Media.

“Sardine Munchers” and “Country Bumpkins” were just TWO popular epithets coined by “Fleet Street’s finest” to vilify, firstly the Portuguese police, their authorities, their Government and finally their people.

Yet “Strength and Determination” were exactly what was shown by the many Portuguese locals who worked through the WHOLE of that summer night, and BEYOND, in 2007, on their hands and knees sifting for clues as to the whereabouts of a missing girl. People who did so instead of returning home to their families, or continuing with their own work and lives.

The same people, along with the police, at whom Kate McCann expresses anger and frustration at in her “truthful” book, for not helping to look for Madeleine.

I simply cannot imagine the pain you must have experienced.................”

That was the OTHER part of the quotation, directed at the McCanns by David Cameron.

If I might take something of a liberty, I’d like to reserve THAT sentiment for the estimated 110 families whose children have been reported as officially missing since 2007, whose “Strength and Determination” have indeed prevailed, in spite of NOT enjoying close to a £3 million budget to help find them, along with a whole gamut of multi-millionaire businessmen and celebrities, the entire British Media industry AND, it would appear, the undivided attention of Her Majesty's Government.


  1. Brilliant, as ever.
    Hope Brian Kennedy's involvement is investigated by Scotland Yard as Leics police studiously avoided doing...

  2. Excellent piece.

    My heart bleeds for those poor families with missing loved ones who have to make do with the crumbs of investigative interest while the McCanns get dinner prepared just the way they like it.

  3. i hope leics police are investigated.

  4. Why can,t you get your valid comments into mainstream media? I despair at the "fawning adoration" that despicable pair have received over the past few weeks!! It would appear that they are still veiwed as victims,the twins,unfortunately will carry their parents crime in leaving them without a babysitter ,forever in their lives,whatever the outcome of this sorry saga.Thank you for keeping me "sane".

  5. I think its about time me and you had a little chat!

  6. oh boy spudgun you sure do get under some people's skins,GREAT ARTICLE ONCE AGAIN.
    But this sentence troubles me very much.

    The strength and determination you have shown throughout is remarkable.

  7. Not terribly well written as it happens and little more than a re-hash of 4 year old stuff which has been re-told so often it has become almost liturgical except where the inevitable exaggeration has crept in. All in all an excellent example of an attempted factual analysis by a relatively low intellect producing the inevitable nonsense. You really should get out more.

  8. 'estimated 110 families whose children have been reported as officially missing since 2007'

    Any of them 3yr olds who disappeared abroad?

  9. As I often state, (sorry anonymous, I don't know who YOU are, as you're, erm...anonymous); I don't profess to be a writer. Hard to see how its a 4 year old rehash when it explicitly deals with matters that happened this past couple of Months.

    Actually, I don't KNOW how many 3 year olds are missing, or how many were missing from abroad. Then again I didn't know that there was an age barrier to seeking assistance in finding your lost child, but you are clearly greater enlightened in this matter. Do share it.