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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Who would be a policeman? ~ UK Riots 2011

Who would be a policeman? 

Who would  stand in the line of fire and receive the missiles and petrol bombs of those who had been indoctrinated from birth to see you as their enemy, their oppressor?

Who would want to protect those who criticise and mistrust your every act and action?

Who would want to defend a Nation whose leaders appoint wishy washy Politically Correct, “right on” leaders as Senior Chief Police Constables, more versed in the Human Rights legislation and in achieving Government ‘targets’ than in how to tackle real crime? 

Who would want to serve in a Force whose top senior ranks have to resign in ignominy because of allegations of corruption, whose actions and behaviour reflect on EVERY officer?

Who would want to patrol our streets, trying to protect them from a disaffected youth whose ‘feral’ ways terrorise ordinary decent people; mere children who perpetuate their delinquency because they CAN, free from fear of consequence, prosecution or retribution?

Who would want to appease and liaise with the “yoof” workers, “Community leaders” and social commentators; the criminals APOLOGISTS who assert that it is all the fault of the Government, the middle classes, Council policies and the police themselves, thus turning the protagonists into VICTIMS?

Who would want to have to stop and search those whose contemporaries and peers carry guns and knives, who kill and maim each other with alarming regularity, yet who cite such searches as the cause of their “anger” and violence? 

Who would want to protect communities who bay for their blood when they over react and over exert in the course of their duties, yet bay for their blood when they fail to employ similar ‘strong arm’ tactics whilst defending THEM?

Who would want to police a people who profess to be disadvantaged and underprivileged, yet who display all the trappings of consumerism and material wealth?

Who would want to look in the eyes of the old woman whose business and home has been destroyed or stolen on a whim; a livelihood and property achieved through a lifetime of effort and hard work, crushed or taken by those who believe they have a RIGHT to instant materialism?

Who would want to look in the eyes of the old man who had served his King and Country in the belief that he was fighting for the freedoms of people who would never have to watch their streets burn again?

Who would be a policeman?


  1. The policemen I met on the conference as a fellow delegate were of over 31 years service in some. I went to be involved in interview scenarios as academic at University of Derby. During that time I had a very serious back problem that was not noticed during the first hour. But when they realised I was in great pain and listening not saying of it the full force of the conference of over 200 police officers and a Chief Constable made it so I could still attend the conference and be releaved of this spinal injury pain and PTSD. Without doubt as an over 60 scientist I was able to have lunch, get on the train and be escorted and have the full attention without pity. I save that pity for Kate McCann and her family on the isle. Myself, I did not do pity in Praia Da Luz and the police acted in exactly the same way when told of how I could continue in my professional capacity. So the riots are the work of pity makers who want headlines.
    To remove headline makers you ignore their acts as they want the headlines.

  2. On another Blog, written by the Wife of a Policeman who was present at the Riots, states that there were gun shots fired at the police.