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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Clarence Mitchell, the McCanns and those scurrilous CURRY Munchers!

"Our private investigators are aware of the reports from India over the weekend about a possible sighting of Madeleine” Clarence Mitchell, McCann spokesperson.

"We have confirmed and re-confirmed from our officers on the ground in Leh and there is no report of the missing girl having been found" Deputy Inspector General of police, Abdul Gani Mir.

 "We are liaising with the Indian authorities over the incident and await the results of the DNA test." Clarence Mitchell.

 "This incident is not in my knowledge and I have not sent any request to anyone for this. We have not taken any swabs for DNA testing. We have not even been approached for any help by anyone in this case. If anyone wants our help, we are willing to help but as of now, we have not been approached. My men are not at all involved in any such investigation." Leh police chief Vivek Gupt.

 "Kate and Gerry do not believe the child seen in India was Madeleine. They have seen photographic evidence and concluded that it was not her” Clarence Mitchell

"This fake story will give the Indian police a bad name....we will be perceived as inefficient, when in the fact the first WE heard about this story was when we read the fictitious account in the Tribune. I mean, where are the PHOTOGRAPHS to corroborate this story? There are none, because it was all made up. No child believed to be Madeleine McCann was ever seen in Leh, no one was taken into custody, no photographs were taken, no one was contacted in England. The entire episode was a hoax. Why Mr Singh wrote the story, or if he was paid to do so, and by whom, I do not know." Sanjay Guptil, Leh Police

Clarence?? Your call..........


  1. I believe that this is a truthful account but you need to mention the source from each statement. This blogtext is of little value is you do not.

  2. Okay, I will help you a bit. The statement from Vivek Gupt, The Leh Police chief, was made to ITV News

  3. The story and seedling sown by reporter Mr.Singh July 23rd, BUT did not go viral until Tom Watson announced the fact Sara Paynes phone had been hacked. Now I call that a bad news day story and Mr. Singh blaming the police and British reporters for waiting so long to report the story does not wash with me. The McCann sighting a hoax, fabricated by the usual suspects and spun by PR Guru Mitchell BUT this time he has been caught red handed. Lets hope Mitchell is brought in for questioning by cops who are not bribed by Murdoch.

  4. the mccanns and mitchell have been exposed as liars yet again and they are still walking free,
    how much longer can they get away with this i wonder.

  5. another one of Spudguns (me) blind followers lol

  6. Sanjay Guptil is NOT a police chief and did NOT make the quote attributed to him above to the press. This was allegedly lifted from a blog post or online forum and the ONLY original source for it is Mr David Bret. I suggest you check with him where he got it from.
    In fact Mike, the version you have here has been altered to read as if he is a police officer when that was NOT even the original version that David passed around the forums and blogs.

    The real head of poilice in Leh is called Vivek Gupta and the first quote you give is the real one from the police. I have reason to believe that David Bret has simply fabricated the other one and am shocked to see it has now been altered to make it sound as if he too is a cop. Who did thius Mike? Was it you? was it David? Qaudrille? Who?

    I humbly suggest there is more than one person dissembling here, and as our mother always told us - two lies don't make the truth, two wrongs do not make a right. It needs correcting, before all are tarred with the same brush.

  7. Sanjay Guptil IS a police officer in Leh. I am aware that David Bret didn't attribute him with that title. I did, and he categorically DID make those comments.


    Blogger Top Dog has just produced a video based on the India Hoax sighting. His/Her point being no one knows what Madeleine would look like today so people cannot grab children from the street.

  9. Good morning Spud, do you know what has happened to the petition. I signed it yesterday and clicked on to confirm my signature and the page has gone. Whats going on, can you find out. Thank-you.

  10. Taking a child of over eight is a crime, it is stalking, and it is bounty hunting. Madeleine McCann is not a dated 1960's child of eight that is now in the 21st century. That myth is of the proportions of pantomime, and the book is the same as to the words toddler.
    Jill Dando was stalked and by a foolish man that got off. There is no doubt in my mind that Barry George as his real identity did stalk and kill Jill. But the problem is that urging someone to steal an eight year old as that is the age Madeleine would be now that looks like most eight year olds of the era is wrong. It is criminal and is incitement to act to abduct and to pursue and all for the reward that is no more. No one knows when and how Madeliene instead of the other local children or holiday camp children was to go missing or how, where or why. Maybe the issue of India and why India is that they read English for no child of eight could be in a paedophile lair and used and abused as to genital mutilation from the four years to now and survive. Just as Jason Swift did not survive.

    No the answer is the images are for sick persons who have taken her as their own and own her. Not one, not one bouncer who is broke and destitute had come to prove what he says. So the India sighting was due to stalking an apparition as induced act to commit a crime as I read. You cannot take any child as the case of Shasta Groene highlights. But she was known to have been taken with her brother who sadly was murdered when the family was murdered. The woman did the right thing, she called the authorities because it was her, not an image of her at four or eight, but her with the killer sat in a cafe. The right thing is to stop being the semolina or the cancer colony advocate and to look at how exactly the four year old as weeks off disappeared when her brother and sister did not. Was it a grudge as I suspect and this taken too far, or was it a chance act of some boredom hearing children and an event due to the normal practice of children of that age who hear laughter and feel sad at being alone and see sinister shadows of the party at the window. How would she know from her bed that the people checking were not monsters?