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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Madeleine McCann and Kate & Gerry's PRESS Intrusion

The Press are widely reporting that Kate and Gerry McCann are to participate in the LEVESON inquiry, possibly giving TESTIMONY, alongside several key victims of press intrusion, as the first witnesses in the judicial inquiry into the phone-hacking scandal.

Even though there is categorically NO suggestion or allegation that their 'phones were hacked.

In the interests of fairness and accuracy, it is important to question why, exactly, the McCanns are "Key victims of press intrusion", as described by the Guardian.

Clearly this can't be the SAME Kate and Gerry McCann who contacted the Media BEFORE, or at the VERY LATEST at the SAME TIME as they contacted the Police regarding their "Missing" daughter.

Nor can it surely be the same McCanns who gleefully enrolled the services of Justine McGuiness and Sheree Dodd
(“press officer responsible to act as media liaison officer for the McCann family”)

or the infamous Spin-Meister Clarence Mitchell, who has penned a MILLION column inches in publicity for his 'Clients' regularly briefing EVERY newspaper Editor,
(“Mitchell still has the key phone numbers and e-mail addresses of people in power and will continue to use them. He has attended top-level briefings at No 10 every weekday for the past two years. The McCanns.... want to get messages to the very top that they are innocent.”)

And obviously NOT the same McCanns who set up a MULTI Million Pound MEDIA driven/reliant INDUSTRY/FUND/WEBSITE, masquerading as a CHARITY, within DAYS of Madeleine going missing.

And, presumably NOT the self-same McCanns who accepted a £750,000 fee in newspaper serialisation rights for Kate's book, an "honest and truthful account" entitled 'Madeleine'.

Along with the OTHER graciously accepted fees for such "intrusive" appearances on OPRAH and other television programs.

And, categorically NOT, surely, the same Kate McCann who somehow managed to 'intrude' onto EVERY front page of the Press when the parents of Claudia Lawrence, a missing 35 year old British woman, who was last seen in March of 2009, held a special service, a "candle-lit vigil" for THEIR daughter; whose picture, (where it appeared at ALL), was a mere FRACTION of the size of the lady of the moment.

Whether Lord Justice Leveson gets round to pointing out these 'anomalies' to the Golden Couple at the hearing remains to be seen.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.


  1. The mccanns are running scared ,they dont know if thier phones were hacked or not,imo. so they have to grab any chance to look like victims and thats why they jump on any bandwagon,which any one who has been following this case and read the files no they are NOT.vile pair the mccanns are,and thier time is running out.Justice for Madeleine Beth Mccann

  2. The McCanns, will one day be found out. And Madeline will finally get her justice.
    They should be very scared...

  3. doesn't she realise the british public is sick of them? appearing in the papers every weekend selling pancakes or dissing the governnment does nothing to find her supposedly abducted daughter

  4. Will they never give it a rest? I'm beginning to believe they have been put on a media treadmill by 'persons unknown' and have no choice. They are the front for something much bigger but while all attention is on them it's not on 'someone' else.

    We are not looking at anything to do with a 'missing' child. I don't know anyone who believes the abduction tale now, well....apart from the McCann supporters who are very small, close knit community. Saying that usually provokes the retort 'conspiracy theorist' but as conspiracies do exist we could well be watching one in this case.

  5. Will this pair ever face justice or are thy untouchable, for the past 4 years, they seem to be able to do whatever they want, unless Mr Amaral has some new evidence at his libel trial we can forge justice for Madelaine. This pair rule the world,

  6. When is the Amaral libel trial anyone know, and will the Maccanns have to give evidence if this ever takes place.


    Two things. 1) I do not believe for one moment the children were left alone at night and believe this evidence was discovered and is in PJ files from the Paulo Rebelo investigation.I also believe Madam Kate is aware of this, shortly after Rebelo released this info through the press suggesting all children were together, she wrote to him asking to share information.

    2) I believe they were hacked, from the way the system works , victims were hacked within hours, Milly Dowler being a prime example. The McCanns though are shrewd scammers and I believe Mitchell came to an arrangement with James Murdoch, the same way that Murdoch did with Gordon Taylor, they paid for the McCanns silence... a cool million or two but how to get past a couple of share holders who may believe the 'Maddie abduction folklore' and put the money in the fund?...above link with NOTW may explain it...The McCanns wanted to write a book and make a film eight months after Maddies was only public revulsion that stopped them, so don't tell me a diary which 'she gave 'to the NOTW made her upset, this was well planned and thought out.

    Libel hearing starts Sept 21st closed to the public and only lawyers present.

    The McCanns need Murdoch to keep 'clearing' their names in the media and stop ALL positive news coming out of Portugal. McCanns have great support from Ireland and the reason behind it, Murdoch controls the large majority of media outlets.

  8. The my italian mother-in-law says about this kind of people and behavior, "sono come il prezzemolo", they are like the parsley, that finds its way into every dish, even when not needed or wanted!

  9. my daughter attended that service and said km was like a constipated prima donna