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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Madeleine McCann: The SUN 'Target a TROLL' NAMES in FULL!

After the conviction of Sean Duffy, an Aspergers Syndrome sufferer whose main hobbies appear to be drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and posting despicable and hurtful comments on the Facebook tribute pages of tragic individuals who had lost their lives, it coerced the SUN newspaper into action, prompting them to create their ‘TARGET a TROLL’ Campaign!

Kate and Gerry McCann, ever the intrepid publicity hunters, quickly latched on to this ‘CAMPAIGN’ and procured for themselves, (via their infamous PR Mogul-at-large, Clarence Mitchell),  EXTRA COVERAGE and column inches galore about the most obvious, heartrending topic and pre-occupation which is perpetually close to their hearts; THEMSELVES.

On the back of the Duffy case comes their NEXT targeted troll; a 17 year old kid called Jack Tims who created a puerile website entitled “If I get 1 Million Likes I’ll let Maddie Go”; a childish prank that deserved to remain entirely in anonymity and obscurity, receiving the very little attention it warranted. 

Now, thanks to “Britain’s Soaraway Sun” their THREE MILLION estimated DAILY circulation figures ensure that the pubescent Tims is afforded all the attention that he clearly craves!

ANOTHER ‘TROLL’ target, named in the report is David Bret. According to the Sun:-

Blogger David Bret, 57, has also targeted the McCanns with posts wrongly accusing them of being involved in Maddie's abduction — even accusing Kate of being involved in her death”.

I have read MUCH of Mr. Brets’ ramblings, and I have never known him to assert EITHER of those accusations. Nor does the Sun offer any evidence in support of it.

However, I would imagine that David, a renowned International Biographer, will be more peeved at being referred to as a mere BLOGGER than being embroiled in this piss-poor publicity stunt for the McCanns!

HOWEVER, all things been equal, and given that the “Soaraway Sun’s” Campaign is designed to TARGET the hurtful and spiteful TROLLS who suggest that the McCanns may be complicit in the disappearance of their daughter; it is only FITTING that we should all enter into the true spirit of the campaign and “REPORT” them!

So here are a few for starters:-

McCanns are back in frame” ~ Report detailing the apparent involvement of the McCanns in the disappearance of their daughter after leaked FSS reports suggest that DNA recovered matched Madeleine. For extra EFFECT, the report uses big, bold word type for CORPSE and BLOOD, making for a truly salacious story.

The TROLLS involved??

Step forward ANTONELLA LAZZERI and CLODAGH HARTLEY from the....erm.................SUN!

How about:-

“Blood found in McCann Car” ~ another in-depth report that points out  

Sources said analysis of samples taken from the villa produced “significant” new information that could even lead to arrests within days”.

This particular TROLL was merely referred to as the ‘Online Reporter’ for the .....................SUN!

Let's try:-

“Catch 22 Quiz Mother Faced” ~ Detailing 22 of the less salubrious questions that Kate didn’t answer, including 

WHAT did you do with her body”.

Another anonymous TROLL, this time writing for the .......SUN!

My PERSONAL favourite:-

“Maddie Special Report” ~ A FOUR page SPECIAL spread, on the McCann case, published in 2008, a year after Madeleine’s disappearance, and including SPECIALLY invited and edited comments from the PUBLIC, including:-

“KATE and Gerry McCann plan to write a book about their "year of hell" since Madeleine went missing. This is distasteful, sickening and outrageous. How can two suspects profit from the loss of their child? The sooner this couple are brought to book for child abandonment, the better”


“WHAT about the year of hell that child has had if she was abducted and is still alive? It's always been about money with Kate and Gerry”


“A MISTAKE is using salt instead of sugar. Leaving three babies alone night after night for the whole holiday, even after Madeleine told them she had cried, is wilful neglect and the sooner the McCanns admit their guilt the better for this world”

TROLLS indeed! 

All carefully selected and edited for her “Soaraway” report in the SUN by ANTONELLA LAZZERI!

Of course, since those devil-may-care days of free speech, the Sun has since learned new information about the investigation which changes their whole perspective on how they report the case. 

NOT information that suggests that the McCanns are INNOCENT of any of the accusations that the Sun previously published, of course; just information that reporting it can cost you a cool ONE Million pounds!! Just ask Richard Desmond over at the Express!

Best not.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.


  1. Well said! Finger on the pulse as always.

    What about the abuse and libelous allegations thrown by those who support the McCanns, to anyone who simply wishes to know what happened to Madeleine.

    After all, Kate refused to answer the questions so that alone makes one wonder why a mother would do that???

    Everything seems to be about THEM.
    What about MADELEINE!???

  2. Twitter "Katefukintosse" seems to know what's happening.

  3. the suns campaign is worthy only of a newspaper like pravda or the peking peoples daily & not a paper supposedly of the free press that operates in a weatern demovracy. their campaign of squeeling on anybody using their free speech rights & expressing an opinion is more fiting for N.Korea, Cuba, Syria , Russia & Iran. maybe the Sun should in fact take a serious look again at those aspects of the Madeline McCann disapearence that trouble so many members of the public as to why the parents who were the principal suspects were allowed to leave Portugal so quickly & if this was due to political interference in the case

  4. The Sun was the sister paper of the totally disgraced News of the World and the standard of its ... er ... journalism is just about the same as the one whose name is now only whispered in corners. it's a comic, not a newspaper, a bit of titillation for those who don't have two braincells to rub together. The Sun staff most likely don't know what day of the week it is, never mind remembering what they wrote about the McCanns in the past, but it's ever so nice of you Spudgun to so kindly remind them. lol

  5. Brilliant piece, Shogun.

  6. The Sun is good for re lining the Budgie cage. Good job Budgies can't read.

  7. Incredible hypocrisy that the McCanns complain about this when their own spokesman was throwing around Soham comparisons when Robert Murat tried to help out and was fingered.

  8. Some bloggers who say they support the mccanns have openly admitted they were involved in using hacked information and bragged about getting into people computers and their email accounts. Perhaps the Sun should be looking at that kind of behaviour? NI seem to be expert at it, I'm told!!

  9. The sun is now guilty of causing TROLLS. Jack Tims is a school boy who had a joke with his mates. at no time did he contact the mccanns or mean harm. the page was taken down 2 days after it was put up and was never seen by the sun, let alone taken down because of their campaign. Jack has since been threatened with violence for something that was a school boy prank. Shame on the sun. and well done to his friends, the people that really know him for all the love and support.

  10. You've turned the tables on the gutter rag nicely here. Well done.

  11. One of those spiteful trolls as they call them is a blogger known as "Muratfan" who tries to silence people by means of vile(soarway's favourite word) and untrue accusations on perfectly innocent people who do not believe the McCann's abduction story.One other point worth making is that the soaraway Sun is completely wrong when they say David thinks they took part in Maddie's can he? seeing that he,like many of us,does not think any abduction took place at all!

  12. Bret IS appalling. He writes lies - like his claim that the Mccanns had started the 'million likes' page - and then denies it. Which is idiotic, isn't it? When people have the screenshots! From what I have read of Bret by his own words he is indeed a troll. Yet you support him and his increasingly bizarre assertions about his fantastic importance to the universe and his role in the Mccann case. He's a publicity-seeking tart like all the rest. And no, I'm not a pro, just someone who can see further than the end of their own nose.

  13. "And no, I'm not a pro, just someone who can see further than the end of their own nose"


  14. To anonymous of 12 September 2011 15:48

    You are very right in your assessment of David Bret, as has been proven again so dramatically this week when he went on a jealous attack, telling outright lies about Criminal Profiler Pat Brown, defaming her. I have always been outspoken on the McCann case, strongly believing that the abduction story is a fraud and have supported Sr. Amaral from the beginning. People like David Bret do those looking for truth and justice in the McCann case no favors. He hurts his own reputation most of all.

    Read for yourself:

    This is a link to the fourth article about Brown and his being banned from a FB page, published in just over 24 hours on his blog:

  15. The trolls win, you can't stop them. Lol.