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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Madeleine McCann. Same questions, same NON answers.

I cobbled this video together five and a half years ago, just a few Months after Madeleine McCann went missing in 2007.

It took me all of half-an hour to make, using schmaltzy, but evocative music and a few purloined pics from the Internet.

Saatchi & Saatchi would have loved the idea, even if they’d have scorned the final result.
Watching it again, today, for the first time in a LONG time; I was struck by one, overriding issue. That it could have been made yesterday.

For the questions that this clip POSE not only remain unanswered; more significantly, they remain not ASKED.

Because, irrespective of whatever happened to the little girl that Summer in Praia da Luz there are, still, infinitely more questions than answers relating to this case.

I have never asserted that Madeleine McCann was murdered by her parents. In fact, I have NEVER proffered ANY theory as to what might have happened to her.

All I have ever maintained is that what has been ALLEGED to have happened, by the McCanns, their never ending team of advisers, publicists, Government Minister contacts, wealthy backers and innumerable Press and Media lackeys, can NOT have happened.

At least, not in the way that they are maintaining.

I believe that Madeleine died in the apartment. 

I believe the specialist dogs that indicated and located forensic materials. 

I believe the FSS Forensic laboratories that initially stated that there was a DNA match derived from those materials, to Madeleine McCann, even though that department elected to CHANGE its opinion a while later, determining that the results were “inconclusive”.

I also believe that the Portuguese were brought under HUGE pressure, as they state, exerted by the British Government to enable certain courses of action to unfold and for certain conclusions to be reached.

More succinctly, I simply believe in the Portuguese. In their authorities and in their Police; in their ability to investigate crime, and most of ALL, in their PEOPLE, who have been ridiculed, lambasted, insulted and derogated to an appalling degree by a subservient Press and Media that have been directed to do so, not to mention by British MEP's.

I also believe that this is so much more than a case about a missing child and what or what didn’t happen to her. It is an inexorable but tangible web of deceit and fabrication, a determination by many people who are insistent on ensuring that a certain line of thought is pursued, maintained and propagated, whatever the cost.

I have seen nothing, thus far, to suggest that FAITH can be placed in the Scotland Yard “review”, currently taking place. 

The British Police, after all, are merely foot soldiers of the British GOVERNMENT, and if the accusations that the British Government has influenced this case are TRUE, (and there IS, ample evidence of their involvement in this case), then there is no reason to suggest that the Metropolitan Police will reach a different conclusion to the one currently been enjoyed by Team McCann.


The Portuguese, seemingly are conducting their OWN review. For them, surely, this is so much more than a case of a missing child also. For them, this has to be a case about truth, honesty, impartiality and integrity.

More importantly, about HONOUR and pride.

Whatever deals, decisions or agreements were initially ‘brokered’ between the two Countries, as has been suggested must be put aside and refuted.  
Not least for those “Country Bumpkins” as the British Press described the residents of Praia da Luz, who spent the whole night of 3rd May 2007 on their hands and knees, sifting the dirt for CLUES as to the whereabouts of a little girl.

Yes, those questions ARE, indeed still very much unanswered. 

But for the sake of Madeleine, and  for TRUTH, justice and common decency, they must now be ASKED.

God bless Madeleine, wherever you may be.


  1. Keep going Spud. You have many supporters.

  2. Brilliant and obrigado.

  3. I agree that you video is as relevant now as when first compiled. Sad to say that this still applies.

    It is about Truth, Honesty and Integrity and Honour for the Portuguese and all of us who are disgusted at the political influence at the cost of a child.

    What is there if not these principles - we may as well crawl back into the sea.

  4. If you people believes in the crap, lies, smears, defamation, sick fantasies, created, written by gonçalo amaral in his books of lies, whose true purpose was gain fame and fortune at the expenses of innocents he amaral betrayed, you´re wrong, about the dogs, they simply didn´t marked what amaral with his goons tried to with their despicable behaviour, besides, think about this: how can it be possible for these dogs to find something , if lots of people went inside 5A after and before te abduction? also cleaners from the OC were there, I´ll bet that tourists before the abduction were there and injured themelves or one or more of the cleaners staff of the resort, so, I beliefe that it is wrong to say such things about the dogs because they found no evidence about the crap told by amaral.


  5. Re previous comment:

    Anyone can familiarise themselves with the contents of the official police investigation files ... these are publicly available on the internet. Snr Amaral's book is an account of the investigation up to the point he left it, and is supported by what is in those files.

    Although it was found that no-one had died in apartment 5a prior to the McCanns arrival the specialist dog, Eddie, trained to react ONLY to cadaver odour, alerted there.

    No evidence of any break-in, as claimed by the parents, was found - i.e the shutters were NOT "jemmied" or "broken".

    Many, many reported 'sightings' of Maddie have been investigated and found to be false.

    Amaral's book "lies, smears, defamation"? I don't think so.

  6. Sad to say that the evidence of the cadaver and blood dogs alongside the dna evidence (subsequently retracted for some obscure reason) is probably some of the more damning. The attitudes and demeanour of the parents is mindboggling when you consider that their eldest child is the focus of almost everyone on the planet - yet Gerry McCann in particular continues to smirk and ear pull whenever a camera is within spitting distance.
    This little girl is almost certainly dead and someone who was there at the time knows how and why. I feel the net is closing and brows are bound to be sweating.
    God bless Madeleine who is the innocent in this entire sorry tale.

  7. Hey Spud keep up the quest for truth and justice. It saddens me, as per a post above, that some people can not see with both eyes. Either, their eyes are closed or that they choose to use only one when they view whats looking obvious.But in the land of blind giants the one eyed giant is king!Therefore, it becomes a trial to encourage people to look at all sides, view with both eyes wide open and to weigh up the evidence as it is and not what you would prefer it to be.

  8. Spudgun, be advised the Trolls on the Stop the Myths forum are busy bad mouthing you again.
    here's an example:-

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    Or it could be that he's a regular thug substitute for Crimewatch type reconstructions Kendra: It's a case of...DEJA POO: The feeling that you've heard that CRAP before.

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  9. I agree Spud.... It cannot be a proper Police Investigation if the questions are avoided.

  10. Top blog, Spud.

  11. Just read this piece,once again it holds so much truth & integrity.I too think the sy review will end in the McCanns being so called cleared.There's something very wrong going on here.God bless Madeleine.