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Thursday, 28 July 2011

Madeleine McCann and the Kingdom of Clarence

Given that I am currently enjoying something of a reputation as having a big, fat, scurrilous mouth, (possibly true), and that I never know when to keep it closed, (ALSO possibly true); I though I would confound my detractors and keep it short and sweet!

Am I alone in thinking how utterly preposterous and somewhat disturbing it is, that at LEAST 25 Media outlets, Newspapers and BROADCASTERS, are currently reporting about a little girl having been found in INDIA that resembles Madeleine McCann and that the McCanns are awaiting the results of the DNA test; whilst at the same time, the police and authorities in the LEH province of India, the scene of this furore, are all utterly bemused and baffled, asking questions as to what everyone is going on about as they have no KNOWLEDGE of ANY girl having been found OR of any DNA tests!!!

Clarence Mitchell has made about 4 statements concerning this latest "sighting", ALL of which are nonsensical and actually CONTRADICT each other.

Of course, there are MANY people who DO follow this case with open hearts, hoping upon all hope that it IS the little girl, and they will continue to pray and hope for Madeleine's safe return.

They will also lambast and vilify the PRESS and Media who report such "sightings" and developments for raising false hope.

Wheras, if they examined such 'reports' and continued widespread coverage with a little more scrutiny and impartiality, they would arrive at the same, logical conclusion.

That the people with whom they hold in so much reverence, adulation and close affection, (Team McCann), are the ones actualy responsible for the stream of fabricated stories, hoax's and fake sightings; that the British PRESS and their respective editors are their servile minions;

And that Clarence Mitchell is their Master!



    No time like the present SPUD to show once again your video. I have no understaning of how 'thick' the British public are BUT I now understand the fear everyone has for Rupert Murdoch. He runs our Goverment he has corrupted our judges lawyers and police force. He is a menace and needs stomping out. BUT by whom, everyone it appears is terrified of him.AND it is my belief Mitchell works for Murdoch and always has.

    I do not live in the cesspit of the country and yet it angers me sothat this odious old man has control of everyone.

  2. but what are being dragged away from with this ridiculous sighting in india,its plain as day that there is something the mccanns and mitchel do not want us to look at and comment on,could it be the banning of pat browns book or hackgate.

  3. Excellent Mike.Well done.One day you will be able to feel proud for helping expose this McCann bullsh*t.


    Spud, here is the reporter who claims to have witnessed the event,also his telephone number. Can you do your investagitve journalism and have a chat with him to see what really took place. I will be happy to pay for the call. xx