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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

JIMMY SAVILE ~ a Truth Stranger than ANY Fiction

Truth”, so said Mark Twain, “is stranger than fiction”. 

He also added, more tellingly, “But it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities, Truth, isn’t”.

Imagine if Hollywood created a film or some pulp fiction ‘Horror’ writer penned a tale about some sexual predator;  a shimmering, gold lamé track-suited, medallion wearing, jewellery encrusted, shoulder-length platinum blonde-haired, goggle-eyed beast, who ‘yodelled’ manically whilst puffing on a seemingly endless supply of huge, expensive Cuban cigars.

Then let’s make him a serial SEX abuser of young girls. 

Oh, AND boys. 

OR, better still, an abuser of ANYONE who might be deemed to be vulnerable or defenceless; young OR old.

Say like children in special homes or Approved schools. 

People in HOSPITALS, of ALL ages; frail and dependant on others for their needs. 

Or, lets really go out on a limb and make him an abuser of people in MENTAL institutions; the incarcerated, requiring pharmaceutical and psychiatric care.

THEN, let’s give him the access, KEYS and total freedom to wander around these institutions, hospitals and schools, unimpeded; abusing and degrading as he goes.

How utterly ridiculous and entirely incredible a tale would THAT be??

OK then; let’s try and make it even more ludicrous and perverse.

Let’s say he also has a predilection for Necrophilia. 
Let’s say he enjoys intimate acts with corpses; 

That he has SEX with dead bodies.

NOW we’re going TOO far! Totally devoid of any credibility whatsoever, right? I mean, such a fabricated MONSTER would be way beyond the most deranged dreams of even the most disturbed fantasist ever, right?

Yeah, but hold on; stay with me on this.

Let’s say that not only did he indulge in ALL of the above despicable acts, but that he was allowed to do so for perhaps as long a period as FIFTY years; HALF a Century, without censure, prohibition or apprehension.

AND, if it was possible to demolish any last vestiges of plausibility, let’s make this BEAST one of the most recognised faces on TV; apparently beloved and adored by MILLIONS, a wacky pioneer, a zany Disc Jockey and a tireless CHARITY worker who raised countless sums for many Hospitals.

A DEVIL in an Angel’s disguise, if you will.

Revered and worshipped by kids, Mum's, Dad's, Grannies and all!
Of course, such a TALE, or screenplay, would never get past the brief opening synopsis! It would be tossed aside in utter contempt!

Who could ever buy this crap?”
 some wizened old publisher or Movie mogul would snarl;
 “How the hell would this guy get away with a FRACTION of what he does in ONE WEEK, let alone a lifetime?

Ah, yes, well; you see, this is the tricky bit. Let’s suppose our Monster moved in certain ‘circles’; people with like-minded, erm...penchants.

People with whom he had a mutual understanding. 

People who were powerful.

REALLY, really powerful.

And who just happened to share similar ‘interests’ or  indulgences. 

People who couldn’t be seen to be attempting to... erm... ‘procure’ suitable participants for their own perverted desires and fantasies.

People who would readily welcome and embrace the opportunity to befriend someone who COULD procure, supply and deliver, such participants. 

Of ANY age.

People, perhaps, who were OTHER, famous faces, leading sordid ‘other’ lives.

Other Disc Jockeys.

Pop Stars.

TV Stars.

Infamous Gangsters from BOTH sides of the water.



Perhaps..................even................PRIME Ministers.

Or Royalty..........................

OK! OK! OK! I’m outta here!!

NOT coming to a cinema or bookstore near you.
Jimmy Savile.1926 -  2011..... If there be a GOD; please let there be a Hell.


  1. This 'Fictional'story has already been published in 1996, author is Irvine Welsh 1996 and the book is called Ecstacy. The character 'Freddy Royale' is a celebrity who raises millions of pounds for charity,he is a necrophiliac and a paedophile who is allowed unrestricted access to the hospital morgue etc etc.

  2. Your list conveniently ignores the fact that most child sexual abuse happens in the home, by a relative or a family friend -- not by celebrities and politicians in some freakish conspiracy. Most child sexual abuse is perpetrated by just plain old people like you. But by all means, continue whipping up hysteria and paranoia about the famous if it drives traffic to your blog post. That way we can all enjoy the downfall of rich, powerful people, and ignore the dark secrets in thousands and thousands of homes of middle class and poor people.

    1. "and ignore the dark secrets in thousands and thousands of homes of middle class and poor people"

      So what youre saying is that only middle class & poor people are capable of sexually abusing children?
      So theres never been a rich Lord or Duke etc that has done this?
      Strange really, when most of the upper classes inbred!

    2. Erm....I DIDN'T "conveniently" ignore ANY facts relating to child sexual abuse. I deliberately omitted them as this is not a blog dedicated to discussing or resolving such grotesques.

      I am a little perturbed by your assertion that you consider me to be "whipping up hysteria and paranoia about the famous".

      I fear that most people can and will make up their own educated minds about Savile, along with the "rich and the famous", without having to resort to my ramblings for guidance.

      I would have thought my OTHER blog posts were more suited to your 'trolling', but thanks for the input anyway! :)

  3. Abuse is abuse no matter who does it ... what matters is if people report the abuse it doesn`t get locked down under a D notice and swept away under a carpet for the next 100 years. How many kids have told and been ignored>? Abuse in kids homes went on in some places for DECADES !!!! Where the fuck is the justice eh ????????? But yeah our so called royalty and politicians are no angels and I hope they all get found out. Good post :D

  4. Anyone who speaks out against child abuse is a hero. Any child abuse. All child abuse. Let those who criticize your way of helping go publish their own blogs on it, instead of wasting everyone's time and your space with their idle detractions.

  5. "Anonymous26 October 2012 08:30" is without a shadowy figure of a doubt a shill, troll, call him what you will, someone hellbent on detracting from Spudgun's efforts to tell the truth.

    Quite pathetic but nonetheless sinister and creepy. Certainly unwelcome on a blog making the effort to get the message out there that very powerful people in very privileged positions are literally shafting us all, let alone the poor victims/survivors.

    A previous blogger is correct - as a shill/troll, you're quite entitled to put your warped views across on your own blog. But don't wait up all night for any comments as you'll never get any hits.

  6. Anonymous 8:30 I think most people are aware that abuse occurs at all levels in society but the point you are missing, in fact I would argue the main point is that when it occurs in situations involving the Rich and Famous it would appear that it is covered up. Thats the point my friend.

  7. There is no doubt that Saville did not operate in isolation