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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Madeleine McCann. Dear PORTUGAL. The World is watching...

Dear Portugal.

The world is watching. 

Awaiting, with bated breath. 

For whatever reasons, you have allowed the masquerade to go on for far too long.
You permitted an obvious and tangible interference, from the British Security services and its Government right from the start of this case, from the very night Madeleine McCann was reported as missing.

You allowed its mandarins to dictate the course of the investigation.

You allowed the main suspects in a criminal case in your land to return to their home, free to negotiate, construct, compile and invent a fable; all under the guidance and supervision of wealthy, powerful and skilled PR companies, Lawyers and Government advisors.

You allowed British Home Office Ministers to procrastinate and disrupt your Rogatory process and allowed its Prime Minister to dictate if, how and when you could visit British lands to pursue your inquiries.

You sat by and watched while the world laughed, ridiculed and joined in the disparaging of your seemingly inept, inebriated and unprofessional Police Service, as described by the British Media and its entourage of Breakfast TV ‘personalities’ and day time chat show hosts.

You suffered the sneers, the vitriolic asides, the accusations, the defaming and derogating. 

You endured the abuse; “Boozy Porto Plod”…….”Bungling Porto Cops”…….” stupid, sardine-munching mouths”……….”haven for paedos”………..”Fascist Dictatorship, Police State”……. “peasants”.

Everything Portuguese was vilified. Its Government. Its Police.
And its people.

People who should have been working or sleeping, instead spending hours on their hands and knees; sifting through soil and dirt for clues as to the whereabouts of a missing, three year old girl.

The world is watching.

And waiting.

For Justice. 
For Portugal. 
For Goncalo Amaral.

For an Anglo-Portuguese relationship that dates back to the Middle Ages and is the oldest such alliance in the world.

For a 3 year old child who never questioned anything in her short life.

But who deserves to tell the world the answer it needs............

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.


  1. You say what a lot of people are thinking, well done. I watched the programme "the truth of the lie" & IMO that is more plausible than the Mcanns story.

  2. Excellent,& sad at the same time.

  3. Excellent comment. I would add that, much to most followers of the case, the Portuguese re-opened without the

    48 questions to Mrs McC remaining unanswered
    Restruction taking place

    This was an opportunity. But nevertheless time is marching on.

    Fully agreed with:
    ''You allowed British Home Office Ministers to procrastinate and disrupt your Rogatory process and allowed its Prime Minister to dictate if, how and when you could visit British lands to pursue your inquiries.''

    Time to smell the coffe it is true that the UK has requested some 250+ Rogatory interventions

    Yet the LP couldn't secure the agreement of the McCanns friends to assist with the reconstruction. The UK Rogatory interviews with people we are told would do anything to assist were a farce.

  4. Great piece spudgun - it makes me ashamed to belong to the same country as the McCanns. When the truth comes out, I will be expecting our MSM to print a humble apology to the Portuguese, the PJ and Goncalo Amaral.

  5. Brilliant as always spud gun.

  6. Superb. Many people feel the same.

  7. This "farce" seemed ,until now,. to have no ending,its certainly been a huge distraction in my life all these years,mainly because I couldn,t believe how gullible so many people ,including my own family, accepted that to leave 3 babies babysitting themselves was OK,and a mother refusing to answer 48 question that could have helped find her little girl,unbelievable!!!.I will never forget nor forgive the strong supporters of the MaCaans in the MSM ,and look forward to seeing them squirm.Thanks Spudgun. .

  8. I am sure this whole thing was due to the fact that the Portuguese police was satisfied it was Mrs McCanns fault by leaving her kids alone and going out drinking.That's why they questioned her twice.The chief then changed his theory to accidental killing.

  9. Great post.
    Just wanted to add (if we can believe the couple ) Madeleine indeed questioned: why didn't you come last night when we cried?
    Sad: (

  10. Every utterance that emanates from McCann's lips should be taken with a large bowl of salt.

    According to him, he first saw Healy when they were both newly qualified doctors at an interview in Glasgow in 1993... how lovely, but he didn't become an M.D. until 2002.

    They both claim that they worked as doctors in New Zealand between 94 and 95, she as an Anaesthetist, even though she isn't and never was one. As for him, (according to them) he was a hospital doctor.

    In Kate Healy's book she describes his job as working in: "general medicine and cardiology."

    Where are the R.I.D. numbers, the Tax receipts and the paper trail? The lies are massive,a bit like that big, long, extended daft garage of theirs.

    Hayley Kennedy, nee Plumber/Plummer, the current wife of James Kennedy (Uncle Brian's son) is the only witness to attest to the fact that Madeleine was present in Laurel's nursery in 2007.

    Sharon Lewin places her there for six months in 2006 though, nice and round and dates unspecified; everything of vital importance in this case is without exception, always vague.

    Then there's the year in Amsterdam (2004) when he was doing his Fellowship (according to Kate's book) but the Scanning course is offered twice a year, is run over three to five days, costs marginally< £5,000 and takes a total amount of thirteen hours study time.

    Again, where are the Tax receipts and Social/National insurance number(s) to prove this year long working adventure, including free IVF?

    Would be an idea to ask Kate's father, what date was Kate's wedding, where was the reception held, what date is your eldest granddaughter's birthday and when was the last time you saw her alive?

    Come on the elders, Kate didn't love the cadaver pants that much, eleven signals... All pointing in one direction!

    Auntie Phil:" If you confess to killing Madeleine in an accident you'll get two years, will get out in one and you might get off because people will feel sorry for you."

    Note to Auntie Phil and Co. the Portuguese are indeed a kind and decent people, but they won't be taken the **ss out of TWICE.

    *The 5 mm generic wedding rings of the male cast members were a 'dead giveaway'* Job lot!

    One last thing, to Mitty and acolytes, whoever in this world has ever heard of an eleven year passport? Very silly nannies!

    1. I have an eleven year passport. I applied long before, my then, current one had expired.

  11. Brilliant

    Perhaps this is the only way the Mccanns handlers can shut these two clowns up and stop them from exposing the whole cover up.If their heroes at SY,Deadwood et al, say she is dead then the fraud fund stops and they can give the remaining funds to missing people and Ben Needham and Gerry can divorce Kate and marry his new girl.

    The only loser is Maddie..again


    J Mccann

  12. Well said Spudgun,just hope Portugal are not trying to be led up the garden path by sy

  13. @Anonymous7 May 2014 13:05

    Any chance you could make yourself a bit plainer,i don't think anyone has any idea what your on about

    1. did you canvas everyone then.

      If you cant figure it out,then its not for you son.


      J Mccann

  14. If like me you feel absolutely embarrassed and mortified at the way the evil duo, their pink mouthpiece, and the British MSM have vilified and insulted Portugal and its lovely people over the last 7 years, could I suggest that a very positive thing to do is make a small (or better still large, if you are loaded) donation to the defence fund which has been set up to assist Dr Amaral? There is a link on McCann Files and you can do it via Paypal, very simple.

  15. Liars always trip themselves up in the end. They can squirm and wriggle out of answering awkward questions now, but sooner or later, hopefully when they're both tanked up and let their guard down they may say something that is overheard that blows their cover, just like THAT gust of wind did to the supposedly billowing curtains in the holiday apartment!!!

  16. More please Anonymous 7 May 2014 13:05

  17. For crying out loud, how much longer are the public going to be kept waiting for the EXPECTED outcome of this case?
    I think detective Columbus could have done a better job! and for a lot less money. Talk about beating about the bush it's a case of the 'blind leading the blind' or those who will not see.

  18. If this had happened in the uk to joe bloggs and family they would have been charged with leaving children alone and the other children taken into care but money and proffesion counts .