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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Madeleine McCann Digging for the TRUTH?


You make public promises that you will not rest until you find Madeleine. 

You state, categorically, that no stone shall be left unturned. 

You assert that you will never give up looking. Never give up hoping. Never give up believing.


given that 30 plus police officers clear a large area of waste land, removing shrubs and foliage before using specialised, high-tech equipment, marking out specific, precise areas…………………carefully sifting through soil in a finger-tip forensic search in a prelude to DIGGING………………….where you believe, (according to your own LAWYER), that  "police will come up with some significant news"

HOW can ANY parent, given such circumstances..................

elect to STAY AT HOME in the UK and prefer to be “kept informed of any developments……??”.

PS: Given that you are SUING former Polícia Judiciária coordinator Gonçalo Amaral for publishing a book which “harmed the search for Madeleine because it reinforced an uncorroborated assumption that Madeleine is dead”; will you now also be suing Scotland Yard for reinforcing the same assumption?

If not, WHY not? 

PPS: "Ask the dogs, Sandra......." (Gerry McCann, 2009).

Gerry. I think someone just has.

Godbless Madeleine McCann, wherever you may be.


  1. Well said again Spudgun.A parent/s would want to be nearby surely.Didn't Kerry Needham return to where Ben went missing when there was a dig a while ago? Of course if parent/s knew nothing would be found they wouldn't bother Hmm.

  2. I hope the McCanns like prison food.

  3. And the poor lady whose son just died in Malaysia went looking for him. Cell for 3 - Mitchell in there too

  4. I have been on the phone to that company in Preston who do a free bone identification service. There list of experts is very, very good. They know most of the NPIA, plus other experts that have been defamed and damaged by pressure to the employer or university. This form of control is subversive and used to make a company profitable that is selling by using a missing person. I personally have had witnessed in PDL intimidated when they said of all the children being left in contrast to other holiday makers that had what they did not have - lots of money. Intimidating normal people and those in professions that are valid is part of corruption. It has led to this by simple planning for a start-up company and a model many have used to gain money by posing as a charity when it sells stuff for gain.

  5. I can't understand why the fund hasn't been frozen while the outcome of this baffling case is known, if they ARE GUILTY then all the money they have made has been obtained fraudulently, I'd like to know what happens then?